Wikipedia says massive hack attack took down the website in Europe & Middle East

11개월 전

Foul play was behind a lasting outage that left millions of users in large parts of Europe and the Middle East without access to Wikipedia, the website has said, pinning the blame on “bad faith actors.”

The cyberattack hit Wikipedia on Friday and continued well into Saturday, going offline in the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Italy. Several user reports on the Down Detector website indicate that some Middle Eastern countries were affected as well, according to TechCrunch.


Later on Saturday, a spokesperson for Wikimedia Foundation, the charitable organization behind Wikipedia, said the website was down due to a “malicious attack” by unidentified “bad faith actors.”\


Although the statement was light on details and didn’t mention a specific perpetrator, the website’s Twitter account in Germany said it was a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that brought the online encyclopedia down.

A DDoS attack occurs when hackers overwhelm a server or network with more traffic than it can handle, causing it to crash. “We condemn these sorts of attacks,” Wikimedia said, adding that attempts to take it offline “threaten everyone’s fundamental rights to freely access and share information.”


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Of all the things that can be hacked, why the hell has it to be Wikipedia? The chosen one who helped all of us passing exams and presentations in school. It like the holy grail of the internet.

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politically they are pretty biased, at least in the German Version.

Look who's complaining the site that became of lately and systematically used to demonize the victims on the US target lists of countries with an army of hired propagandists in Israel under the racist bigot now running their education system.. The site that was an open platform for unbiased information that turned rapidly in the past few years into a propaganda one sided host of fake news.
We stopped referencing it a while ago for its role in whitewashing the crimes of terrorists and those of Israel, playing with the terminology describing the US-led War of Terror against Syria as civil war and insisting on that despite all evidences showing hundreds of thousands of foreign terrorists and that's just one example.
DDoS attacks, anyways, are bad and must be condemned, we suffered many big such attacks in the past few years that cost us a lot while those now shedding tears for Wikipedia were gloating at our losses.

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