Wild Wild West - A Series Announcement

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Wild Wild West - A Series Announcement


I live in the wild wild west, where the weak gets swallowed for breakfast, spilled out, mashed, chewed, smashed, spilled out again, chewed again, swallowed again, vomited, excreted, and then -- guess what! -- chewed again!

That's where I live -- the Wild, Wild west!


Where the sun drains the life out of you, taking its time with it, because it knows there is no escape! Slowly, gradually, until the only thing that remains is the little you need to make it to shelter. Enough to make sure you return the next day. And guess what, you will return! Because you have no choice!

feast for crows


But beware. On stepping out again, you might think the familiar ire of the sun is what awaits you, but no, instead, you find yourself drenched in the dreadful torrent as the sky sheds its hurtful tears, and the tress quake in fear, and the winds howl and send waves of despair across the land!

no shit


The Wild, Wild, West!


Pheww, now that we got the overly dramatic intro out of the way, allow me to welcome you guys to the beginning of another wonderful series of mine: the wild, wild, west, where I'll be sharing pictures of the many wonderful creatures that crawl and fly and strut around where I live.

I legit live in a forest, with about a million animals. No shit I once had a snake crawl on my legs inside my living room!

So in this series I'll be sharing with you the vile, dreadful, awe-inspiring, limb-annihilating creatures with which I share the same abode!

gee there we go with the drama again


They're not even that scary.

But rest assured, these gentle creatures whose likeness you see captured on this page are just the tip of the iceberg. In the coming days you'll be seeing more dreadful ones, capable of great destruction! GReat Destruction, I tell you, DEstruction!!!

But don't get scared away - because even though in the wild wild west there's great terror and despair, danger and trepidation, deep behind the horror and terror, there IS great beauty too!



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Now this fucking links for no reason

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Damn what phone do you have now? Those witty comments! Hahaha nice nice :D Welcome back with posting your awesome photography :D


I got a dope nokia!!! Ty ty ty!!! 😍

Hahahahaha LOVE the commentary and photos. Great post, thanks for sharing 👍🏻😊


LOL thank you thank you! you're awesome.

I can't wait to meet all the creatures! This is so sick


photos are so dope, especially the last 2


😋😎❤❤❤ the rest will be just as good... promise.

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