Wild Wild West VI - The Tarantulas! The Tarantulas!

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Wild Wild West VI: The Tarantulas! The Tarantulas!


Over the months since we started the Wild Wild West series we've been collecting photos of great tarantulas. And while we found many of em, they didn't all turn out great.



Sometimes we couldn't get good light. Sometimes our gear -- my paltry but dope Nokia -- screwed up. Sometimes we couldn't work out great angles.
Sometimes we were too hungry to shoot. And sometimes we were just plain scared of death by venom.



JK JK Most of these pretty buggers aren't so venomous. Sometimes annoying as hell with their webs all over, but naa not venomous.



Or maybe they are?



Anyway these are the few great ones who made it to the end point. They will no doubt go out in history as legends.


That especially great one up there was holding something in its mouth which seemed like its egg. I had to get very close to get a good shot at a good angle and I might have caused it some trouble while it tried to evade me and keep its egg at the same time.


I just want to say, I'm sorry O great Tarant.

Lucky for us I got my shot and it got to keep its egg or bounty or whatever.

We're all winners!

P.S: These aren't actual tarantulas. Go figure.

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So much beautiful ! I wonder what's that white thingy it is carrying though, could it really be its egg....

Gosh, the photos are really gorgeous <333333


Thank you so much spidey!!! Carl just confirmed they really are its eggs! Not just one but a sack of them! So dope.

wolf spiders. That isn't a single egg, but rather the egg sack with tons of eggs. Most spiders just leave their egg sacks in an out of the way spot and that is that, but wolf spiders keep care of the egg sack and then even keep care of the little baby spiders, which ride on the hairy back of the wolf spider mama :) Yay spiders!


Oh wow that's so awesome! Wolf spider haha feels even more exciting. Definitely acted like a wolf!

Yay spiders!

Haha I knew you'd like this one. Cheers, Carl!

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Thanks for these fun photos of tarantulas. The whole time we were living the homeless way in Arizona, we went out of our way to find tarantulas, scorpions and snakes out in the desert. Didn't find any, though. This post is the next best thing, I suppose. Thanks for sharing!


Haha that's so cool. Would have thought you would have found some. Glad i could help!!!!