There's a seagull in my kitchen...

3년 전

This happened a couple of years ago, but I've just found the video again so thought I'd post it! A bit of background...

The gull had been coming in and stealing my cats' food when they weren't around, which was fine by me as they were on wet food, and you know how that goes in the summer..? So the gull was a waste disposal unit that ate directly out of the cat bowls. I mean, yes, it's a bit odd when you go to make a cup of tea and find that the munching noise from the cat bowls isn't your favourite feline but a wild sea-bird, but never mind...

The gull and his family are still around, they nest on a neighbouring chimney pot every year and continue to provide a useful waste disposal service. They seem quite fond of curry, bacon, ham and, yes, cat food. They will eat fish too! This diet seems entirely successful, as they have not lost a chick, in the four or five years they've been nesting here.

Can't manage to get a link to embed, so you'll have to visit the dreaded Facebook, apologies!

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Couldn't watch the video :(... but I have a similar story with my dog's food and the sparrows. They eat (or steal, to be more specific, as they throw away the food all around the floor) her food which is almost as big as their heads... and drink and bath in her water!


Haha - yeah, I think wildlife is adjusting to humans and our pets... Although this seagull scared the cats away by shouting at them!
Not sure how to make the video viewable - it's a friend's, so I suppose it's his Facebook privacy settings or something. Pity. If I can get a copy of it from him I'll let you know :D


Deal. I will try to make one of "my" sparrows too :)