Please Drinking a few cups of wine with partners

3년 전

Drinking a few cups of wine with partners, is the exchange of a meal by the family, then delicious dishes, wine wine ... but every sentence must have tongue twisted 7 times, dead, what fun?

Quitting job 20 million salary to settle debts with dozens of times, is the exchange of leisurely leisure of yourself ... hear dread, but every night white people know, when the business is down. Who is at risk?

Not following the arrangement of other people that decided to do business ... is to trade the expectations of the people around ...

Oh, confident, bravery, but not all people support, break out of the safety zone failed to succeed, then face turned back?

But pondering, men do not dare to trade, can not do big things!

The same opportunity can come to everyone, but success only select one person: let go what others do not dare let go, what people do not dare to give up!

To mature ... men are forced to stumble a few times: work, relationship, love ...

Equip yourself with a warrior spirit, a strong will, ready to face all the torments come from life. By whether you want to or not, you are sure to encounter at least a few times this life "stammered" to the left.

Only after passing through the ups and downs, mental and physical injuries, I would have forged a real man, a gentleman, without much difficulty.

Do not be afraid to fail, because it is better to fail once to be stronger, than to never know the taste of pain.

Life is strange, even if they do not give me any money but always scour the decisions in my life, then jealousy when I succeed or ironic when I stumble. Life is that!

Therefore, it is best to cover one ear, cover one eye ... listening to what you need to hear, seeing what is needed is enough. Know more, hear more ... just add affliction ...

In this life no one is perfect, if the passion to follow the words of the crowd ... ever we can do things for ourselves

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