Wine Review: Bridgeview Pinot Noir 2014

3년 전

Tonight, I'm drinking a wine from our southern neighbour, USA.

My wine for tonight is a 2014 Pinot Noir from Southern Oregon. Pinot noir is one of my favorite wine grape but I am quite neophyte when it comes to Pinot Noir from the west coast of North America. Therefore I decided to give it a try.

The first thing I noticed was the smoky and fruity smells of the wine. There was those red fruits usual to this grape but the smoky smells was susprising. On the palette there was those cherries and red fruits again but it had that smoky finish. It was surprising, but interesting.

It has a pretty pale garnet color.

Final rating: 3.8/5

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I actually saw this here in Maryland, hours ago. I elected an actual real Bordeaux just to stock up on the "fancy." I mighy have been looking at a different year, but same vino. I will probably make a post on the bordeaux when that occasion comes.....special to me because the appelation standard is usually placing "bordeaux" a little too high in price. That is what I call my "Scotch Money."

Oregon Pinot>Burgundy Pinot

Okay now someone crucify me.


I think the problem with Burgundy is the quality price ratio, there is some extraordinary wine from there but you need to put the dollars.

Also, Pinot Noir from British Colombia or Ontario are pretty good too :D


Damn bro drive the spikes in further, will ya?
Haha I totally agree. The only reason I hate on Burgundy is because even if I could afford to buy it I wouldn't spend money like that on wine. Oregon Pinot can be hella overpriced too.

Lots of nice wines coming-out of Oregon and Washington State. Smokey seems rather odd although I'd be interested in trying it out...