Wine Review: La Mascota Malbec 2015

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Hi fellow steemer,

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Thierry, I’m a 25 year old boy from Montreal, Canada and I’m deeply passionate about wine.

“Wine is bottled poetry” - robert louis Stevenson

I decided to dedicate this blog to this beverage and I plan to bring you reviews I made from the wine I’m drinking and also to provide you with information about wine industry, wine history and general knowledge about wine.

The first wine I will share with you is this Argentine red: La Mascota Malbec 2015

In the past, I had bad experiences with argentine wines. I drank some which were too rude and they left me a bad impression of the country wine production. Argentina being a large country with a multitude of wine region and a multitude of wine producer, I decided to give it a try again. I have to say this one reconciled me with this country.

This Malbec comes from Mendoza Province which is located foothills of the Andes, where the wine are planted in high altitude. It has a dark ruby color and 14% alcohol/volume. As I was expecting, this wine has strong tannins which open very elegantly after an hour in the decanter.

The cherry and blackberry aromas are intense with a hint of leather and vanilla. The flavors are truthful to the aromas. This is a full-bodied wine which is soft and smooth on the palate.

It offers a good quality/price ratio, perfect to unwind after a day at work.

Final rating 4/5

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Vanilla is present due to oaking--which may be implemented to cover up problems in the vineyard or in production.


It is not grossly oaked like some of the cheap californians. It is subtle hint. If it was to cover up problems, they covered it well. Definetely not some château margaux, but still a 15$ well invested.


As a Californian - there are some very expensive oaked chardonnays out there, too. Not all are cheap! :)


Oak can be a great think but it can be vulgar. Just like make up , if well balance and well appied, can be beautiful but too much can look weird. California produce some of the better wines in the world. This was not against california wine, there is some good and bad producer everywhere.


Oak is needed for good wine (excluding young white wines) if it is properly used. Without aging in oak wine will not have time to open, but rather spoil ...


I mean, I agree. I sometimes like it when wine is very oaky, too. It sometimes comes together with the other flavors to give a rooibos-like taste, which I find fascinating, even if it is from heavy oaking.

Hi Thierry! Welcome to Steemit! I'm a wine writer and write a lot about it here on Steemit, so I look forward to reading more of your reviews (and perhaps you'll check out mine - here's my latest: ANyway, glad you're here - happy to have more winelovers!

I've also had "ok" experiences with most Argentine malbecs, but, sometimes you find a good one - and it looks like you did! Cheers!


I'm always in for a good Pinot Noir :D

Looks like the Canadians are taking over Steemit's wine section

  ·  3년 전

Someone else close to my age also into wine, Yay! Looking forward to seeing what else you end up reviewing - hopefully can get some inspo from you

Good wine! This manufacturer still has the Grand Mascota Malbec - a more interesting wine, and the price is not much higher. Cheers!