Making wine at my home

4년 전

Note-The picture represents some crushed grapes that are from my garden

I salute you all !

Today I write about how I made some wine at my home.
The art of wine making is a ancient practice and it is one of the most spreed in the whole world.

It became so important that it was atribuated to gods and the god that represented wine or wine making was Dionysus .

Dionysus in Greek mythology was the god of vegetation, the orchards, wine, ecstasy and fertility, and Romans called Bacchus or Liber. It was also nicknamed Bromius, the Orphic Lyaeus etc. Dionysus was one of the most important deities known in ancient times, whose worship was spread throughout the world.

In my country (Romania) the name Bacchus was used and in our miths he was the god of wine and party and yes olso in the myths he had horns.

But from art to common practice...Time is passing and we like to say that we are evolving!
So down I have my little video of my experiece!


That was the most dark wine that we ever done and I can't wait to see how the wine will taste.

Thanks for watching!


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Yummy! I my son and I have made wine with store-bought juice. But making it from our own grapes, is something we should try next year. Good job. ~Cheers~


Belive me @james83501 after you make it by yourself and wait at least one year and drink the first glass you will never want something else.
Olso it is good to experiment...
What I did not put in the post was that in the wine we do NOT put sugar, we let it to be the exact taste of the grapes.
After at least one year it will became like perfume when you open the bottle.


Ooh! Nice! We must try that!

I just want to tell to all of you who upvoted me a sincere :

Thank You!

I never expected to receive so much positive responses for my post.
I will keep posting and sharing my knowledge from life and my experiences.

Wow superb photos view and videos congratz @cynetyc!
It was so nice I just had to reblog it !


Thank you a lot @fevronia and I appreciate it very much !