Winner @kts for guessing correctly! Good Job

2년 전

We have our winner !


Yesterday I posted a challenge. It was to tell me how this occurred. I requested a couple pieces of information and got a lot of responses. Now comes the winner and the reveal!

The answer:

This just happened. The key from the post is that I was "walking around the house one day" and noticed this.

Here is the back story...

I was actually taking pictures of how far into the house the sun reaches. The window faces north and it is winter here. Because of that, the sun does not climb as high in the afternoon.

I was amazed that the sunshine went through the living room and into the kitchen where we have a glass table, Now we are getting somewhere.

Grabbing the other pictures and putting in place to the right, you can see how far the sun comes into the house. These were taken at about 3:00 p.m. As I said, I just wanted to show my kids, who were at school, and I was waiting for them to get home.

I did not stop to analyze what was making the reflection on the floor. I found these photos on my phone while looking for a way to give away more money. Bam! Here you go.

I would think the sun light hit the glass of the table directly on the edge. That light hit the part where the metal legs are laser-fused to the glass, and reflected that union onto the floor. No, I was not expecting the exact answer that I just wrote.

Those who guessed "sun light" were partially right.

Those who guessed "onto a wooden floor" were partially right.

Those who guessed "a glass table" were partially right.

The best answer

would be...

Sun light hitting a glass table, reflecting this pattern onto a wooden floor.

I would be happy to shoot more photos of the table and it's construction for the curious.

Now I am off to read the answers and choose the closest winner.


After reading 91 entries, which were all great, I have come to a conclusion

There were three things involved, many people got the wooden floor, others got the light source, and some had glass involved in their entry.

The photos that you all took were great in addition to specific answers.

I had to go with the one who guessed all aspects, the only thing that could have made this one better is if it were to say "hitting the glass table"

Congrats to @kts


Your 10 SBDs are on the way!


Honorable mentions:


@loganjosse for catching the clues at the edge, and guessing legs.


@techstack for a perfect picture of a low-in-the-sky sun, hitting a table with something glass on the table!

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Thanks for taking the time to play!

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Que divertido, yo pense q era una lampara :)

  ·  2년 전

@htooms, Thank you very much, happy to have participated, it was a contest that aroused all the curiosity and aroused our expectations.

and of course, I was anxious not only for the results but for the complete images.

Thank you all for your nice and sincere congratulations, and congratulations to all who participated and thanks @htooms for the contest. I almost had a heart attack.


Congratulations to achieve the best, this is amazing.

So kind of you to make giveaways. Congrats @kts

Congratulation to him.
I am waiting for your next contest @htooms
I will try to win for your next contest.

@htooms i missed from short..
I guessed correctly that its wooden floor.. Uhhh anyways waiting for next contest like always... Hope i get it next time..

I thought that the light that reached the floor was due to the base of the table that is metal, but good for the next, congratulations to the winner


hahaha what a joke logan, that is to be well salao


like the refrain of the siren :D

I do not think it's the closest answer to reality but the judge is not me ... congratulations


Which do you think is better?


is seriously? fortune teller the leg of the metal table, the wooden floor, and at the end the light is reflected by the metal base so the light comes from the glass of the table, and still questions?
even with my bad inlges I can see which is the most accurate answer and by far, but I go back and I repeat, I'm not the judge


Did you read all ninety plus responses?


Here is the table from the top, the floor looked like a reflection of this disk, fused to the glass. Looking twice, the guy who guessed the table leg, may have it. I will play with the shadows if the sun hits it the same way tomorrow.


And if I read, there is a girl who also tells you that: I think it is the reflection of the light of the lamp on the glass of a table

I also know that it's not an easy task, it's a lot of comments and it can be tedious


You have no idea!!! I read through half one evening and half while under pressure to close it down on the 24 hour mark. Thanks for your input, I am always up for ideas and help in judging.


there is the detail, in the end, the light has to be on the leg of the table to make the image of the photo(that makes the leg the cause of the image in the photo), plus I guess it was a metal leg equal to the one that comes out as a clue in the image, I think that answer was too successful,


You have something there.


@baddaddy you should dedicate yourself to do blockchain lawyer :)

What great wishes for the victors, and for you additionally for this activity and support, I would like to take part for the next.Greetings and favors.

I want to congratulate the winner, and also thanks @htooms for the contest

excellent, very dynamic those post. congratulations @kts, in the next attempt to win hehehe, thanks to @htooms, for their fun competitions, I hope the next.

Wow este señor es un profesional jajajaja felicidades al ganador y gracias a usted por hacer este gran concurso esperare los siguientes :D

That was a good one. Congratulations to the winner.

I missed this prediction contest @htooms. Next time will be participate.
Congrats to winner.

congratulations to all those who have participated especially to the winner @ kts
thank you very much dear friend @htooms for allowing us this fun, I wish you a beautiful nights.
Waiting for the next contest.

félicitations mon ami @kts
merci boucoup @htooms

Interesting puzzle!!! Congratulations to the winner of this interesting Question

Congrats to @kts you have perfect vision for guess.
Nice contest arranged @htooms

Wow its an amazing contest. But my bad i missed to participate in it. Anyhow congo @kts

Congrats to @kts
Amazing post.


Thanks @htooms for sharing.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

@htooms I was just inch away from the winning. May be next time I will wait for your next contest and try again. Thanks for mentioning me here.



Thank you for putting such effort into it. I loved the picture.

Congratulations @kts🎉🎉🎊🎊
Great and amazing post
Nice content
Very well articulated
Excellent job sir 😊
Great work.
I appreciate all your efforts.

please check out my post once🤗💙

Thanks @htooms for sharing this post.


Wow excellent guess @kts .thanks to @htooms for this lovely contest

super, that in the next competition, I hope you win again @kst ,, gacias @htooms for these excellent contests

llegue tarde al concurso, jajja, felcidades al ganador... Nos vemos en el proximo!

Congrats to @kts....

Congratulations for winning the contest dude

That's better prediction contest. Congrats winner @kts.
10SBD is most valuable for everyone. Thanks for giveaway @htooms.

What good wishes for the winners, and for you also for this initiative and support, I hope to participate for the next.Greetings and blessings.

Oh I'm delighted. Thank you @htooms for these contests. And thank you all for congratulating me.
So Thanks for nice post


I like writing too, but contests get more people excited so that is where I am working , expecially while the prices are all being hammered. Kind of a pick-me-up for everyone.

Excelente desafio, lastima que no pude participar, no lo vi a tiempo, estare atenta para las próximas publicaciones.

My big congratulations and salute to @kts coz you're a winner.
My big salute to @htooms coz you're a contest organizer.

wow friend @loganjose was very close, even more than the winner. What I have to say is that it was sunlight, because in the end, the reflection is the base of the alunminio that is the leg of the table, I have even guessed that it was a leg equal to the one hidden in the photo, It is my humble opinion


the light can enter through the window, even using the surface of the glass table but if it is not reflected in the leg of the table you will not get the reflection of the image, apart you discovered that it was a metal leg of the table, which the reflection was on a wooden floor and the leg was the same as the one that comes out hidden in the photo, there I see many things, now analyze if the image in your house is closer to that response than to the girl who uses the source of the image the glass and says it is reflected in a door (I think that answer is farther away)


you have to look for those of the tv series


I was just talking about that with baddaddy. Though loganjose said it was my camera light. I guess I was amazed that somebody (kts) had actually figured sunlight (yes) glass (yes) and a wood floor (yes). I did not take this photo for the contest, but rather made the contest from a photo.

There were a lot that were close. Looking at the contest photo objectively, I would have said "a Maglite on a wooden door" The rings look just like that of a Maglite.


when reading the winning comment: sunlight (yes) glass (no, because the reflection comes from the leg of the table) and said non-floor wooden door,

the other comment: although he did not say sunlight, he was right in that the reflection comes from the leg of the table, which is from alunminio, which is equal to the track of the photo and that is reflected on the wooden floor

there I see more hits and more precise


I played with the sunlight and the reflection today when the sun was in the same position - you guys have it.

@humgertoruben and @baddaddy

I agree with you guys. If you can find one that is the closest answer, I will pay out another 10SBD - it has to be the original post - unedited. You two pick one and agree on it!


I think you had chosen the relatively good answer. It doesn't matter highly polished surface like the leg here is equal to the mirror and it is the refracted and reflected sunlight by window glass and led of the table which created the aroma. The first relative comment should have been the answer, I think I'm my perspective you did justice with the answer.
As there is no precisely spacific answer, you have to go through your logic to get the one.
Ohh!! Congratulations to winner and thanks to you for your efforts.


logan was closer, now he must pay money to use blockchain lawyers :D


like they ended the contests for doing strike :D

An Arena incredible and I is the new members in steemit this so I want to join but not know how

Contest are over?