WIN WITH STEEM : Contest of the Week & Super-Contestant of the Week - WINNERS !


Another great week for contests on Steem.

We're regularly passing the 10 contests a day marker.

And with the rising value of STEEM there is commonly over $500 up for grabs on each two day listing.

Alas there wasn't much take up on the Super-Contestant of the Week contest.

But I still believe we can make Steem the Contest Capital of the Cryptosphere !

Contest of the Week

I only received one nomination for Contest of the Week from @thegreens for the Cameroon Steem Promo Contest but that didn't quite make it on to my shortlist.

Two very worthy winning contests have been found though.

First up is @inspiracion's 'Tell me what you want to learn?' contest. This contest was very well presented, with clear instructions and closing date, and good prizes.

What really won through was the massive number of entries - 94 ! Well done @inspiracion on running a great contest.

The other winner is @tht for his daily sports and Bitcoin prediction contest.

The contest is clearly presented and easy to enter, and it attracts a growing number of entries.

Keeping up with a regular contest day in, day out is demanding. Definitely another good winner.

10 STEEM will be heading to @inspiracion and to @tht shortly.

Super-Contestant of the Week

This was disappointing to receive only two entries for this contest.

With so many contests and so many entries I thought I would be getting a lot of interest.

I guess not many people read my posts and people are not interested in 10 STEEM these days !!

I did however receive two full entries.

@pocoloco01 popped up first time with just two contests entered, but then came back strong before the deadline with seven in total. I see he even got a 10 STEEM win on @dobartim's New User contest.

@nattybongo was the other entrant. He came in with an initial 5 entries, but unfortunately he didn't take advantage of the extra day before the deadline to add any further contests.

There was a prize pool of 20 STEEM up for grabs in the Super-Contestant contest.

Because of his tenacity in going off to enter some more contests before the closing date I am going to award @pocoloco01 12 STEEM and 8 STEEM to @nattybongo.

The prizes will be coming over later today.

Thank you both for entering to become Super-Contestants of the week.

These have been fun little contests to run, but have alas not picked up much interest.

They will therefore be suspended for now, but may get another run-out in a few weeks.

In the meantime I want to try out a different style of contest. Look out for that announcement in the next couple of days.

Thank you


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It is a great pleasure to have still mad eyes it on the super contestant list, I would definitely do better when this resumes again in the coming weeks, looking forward to the new announcement. Have a wonderful day

  ·  지난달

Thank you.
I wish you convenience in your work.

Thank you very much for the summary and the mention. I will be pending to see the next updates regarding the contest that you will carry out.😊

Congratulations to all the winners.
Am happy to have won the first position at the just concluded Super-Contestant, am just a bit sad it as been paused ..
Hope it comes back very soon.
Thank you @pennsif

hi i'm participate in "the Beauty of woman body* contest :) and I know about that contest cause I just read it here, so thanks a Lot for show us this list :)

My post:

The details About My post contest: I'm photographer and artist from southamerica and I create Photos to women since 1999. I was inspired by rock, metal, Luis Royo, and japanese shibari culture, I hope that You like it lml