Steem, EOS and investing here more, Becoming a witness

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I think Steem is a great community and even though I recently discovered, I am very enthusiastic about it already.
I am thinking to invest in this community more. In fact was 6th biggest investor last week:

I am also a tech person. Founded 2 tech companies before and operated tens of servers all around the world without being hacked. Overall 20+ years in software industry. We have years of source code development and game app hosting business.

Some servers were attacked (DDoS'ed). Some were heavily used. Generally we did very well. Our uptime is pretty neat, possibly greater than 99.9%

So now I want to help this community by running one of the nodes.

Right now we have about 86 physical CPU cores as a total in 6 high end DELL machines in 3 different countries. We can scale more in hours if necessary.

For the long term success of Steem and similar projects like EOS I will be here for a while.

I wrote about how to set up EOS on Ubuntu:

Why Steem and EOS? Most here already know the answers, but I will state my main reasons:

  1. Wonderful community
  2. @jamesc
  3. @dantheman
  4. Something that end user can actually use, even with a browser
  5. Something that can actually scale
  6. EOS tech stack will be full C, means highest possible general purpose performance
  7. Revolutionary economic system

In fact we are thinking another project on Steem and EOS. Keep in touch to hear more and support if you like.

My witness node is reading the blocks now.

Have a great day!

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Impressive I am going to follow you.


What do you think of Linux?


serious secure OS


thanks for the follow

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Keep in touch to hear more and support if you like.

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