delegate.lafona Witness Update & Hardware Changes 12-14-16

4년 전

Now that the dust from hardfork has settled, I thought I would take opportunity to update everyone. With the new requirements associated with v0.16, I decided to move the witnesses to dedicated servers with more RAM and SSDs without throttling. Right now they are going strong with 0 missed blocks during or after the HF16 transition. I plan to move the seed node as well and hope to do so in the next few weeks. Here is a summary of the current setup.

Witness NodeSpecs
CPU8-core x86-64
Disk250 GB SSD
Internet Bandwidth800Mbit/s
Backup NodeSpecs
CPU8-core x86-64
Disk50 GB SSD
Internet Bandwidth500Mbit/s

SBD Policy
With the current state of the SBD (trading slightly below 1.00), the downward trend in the price of steem and an expectation of increased selling from the hardfork; I will be keeping my discount at 3% and potentially increasing it. I am a SBD converter, but I feel that it is an appropriate level for the discount and that it would be more unnatural to remove it solely because of that fact. I had also been gradually lowering the APR, but I will be keeping this at 9% for now. With the shortened conversion delay I have also increased the frequency of price feed updates to once an hour.

Other activities
I have been and will continue to use my stake to support various guilds and curators to help with the distribution of rewards. In addition I have been trying to visit the new section a little each night to try to find a post or two which may have slipped through.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to leave any comments, feedback or suggestions.

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Thank you for posting @delegate.lafona

Appreciate you bringing an update to Steemit.

Hello , Thank for upvoting me.
Supporting Back 💯

Since I been here you're support me, thanks reestemed

Excellent! Have you adjusted any of the kernel sysctls as was originally recommended, or has your use of the SSD not necessitated it?


It is running with the stock kernel settings. It does take longer to resync and replay but nowhere near as bad as I was getting with the standard ssd setup for the AWS vps. I was initially hesitant to tweak the kernel settings and I figured the slow resyncing/replaying would be less of a problem as long as I had a backup or two to switch to.

Thanks for the update and support! Post upvoted and re-steemed!