Witness Update - DragosRoua

2년 전

Technical and Economical

  • kept my main node and backup node running smoothly, without any missing blocks
  • lowered my price feed bias at 25%.
  • kept my SBD APR at 1%
  • kept my account registration fee at 0.1 STEEM, (I use a script called steem witness toolbox, available for free on Github, for publishing the feed price and adjusting a few blockchain props)
  • kept the block size at 65,536


I''m currently sitting at 60th position in the witnesses ranking, up one position from as last week.

Vote for my witness with one click: Vote for @dragosroua witness

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Keep up the good work @dragosroua for this great community.

Keeping up the good work and running smoothly as always :)

First of all congratulations for your 60th position on Witnesses list and good to know that you are ranking up and this shows that how effectively you are striving hard to keep everything smoothly and not only you are doing your witness job effectively but also you are engaging with everyone with your posts and that is important because people should know what you are doing and how well you are engaging and after this update i will upvote and approve you as an witness, and i always check the posts of witnesses and try to understand how well they are engaging with the community because if an Witness is active then that shows real effectivity. Keep up this amazing work.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Informative post .

Thanks for your information update news .

Upvote you ....

Thanks for sharing @dragosroua

The way you are working to make your website accessible for us 24/7 is great! you are working hard to accomplish it. thank you for that.

kept my account registration fee at 0.1 STEEM.

What kind of registration?


When you open an account on the Steem blockchain, your account is already filled with some STEEM, so you can trade from the first day. This is paid from a special fund and the value of it is set up by witnesses. You can have a look at this at https://steemd.com/witnesses


oh really , that is something totally new from me, let me check it


@dragosroua .1 steem is given to a new user by the witnesses? sorry, I'm just confused.


New users get some free STEEM POWER, 10% of that can be traded after doing 7 day long power down process...
You can't post or comment if you don't have any STEEM POWER, every user has limited bandwidth that directly depends on previously mentioned STEEM POWER

Thanks for keeping us updated @dragosroua. You are one of the most active witnesses on the steem blockchain


Thanks you, appreciated :)

love your challenges

seems like it's working sbd coming back at the $1 mark great work as witness

You have put so much effort in making things much easier for steemians.

Really would love to see tou within the top 50!
Keep it going because you are doing great!

thanks for updating us about it
you are really a hardworker

Thanks for this great update. Keep up the great job

Happy to add @dragosroua to my list of witnesses.

Hi @dragosroua ,
Its glad to know that you updated it twice when it was needed and you find bugs. i find your website steem.supply useful because i can see my post payout easily and i can know the payout time remaining. also useful to calculate the payout rewards :) thanks for your contribution . i give my witness vote for you, nice service.

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could tell me what is witness vote .......sorry i m a newbie here and don't know much