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My teammates at the MSP have asked me to submit an application for a witness vote from the @minnowsupport project. I've been too busy to write one (through the ages and aeons), but here it is at last (they can finally stop nagging me lol). It is also an opportunity to recap my activities on Steemit for almost a year of being a witness.


Witness Duties

Servers Reliability

First and foremost, the main task of a witness is to run server(s) in a stable and reliable fashion, as well as running a regular price feed.

Continuously monitoring the state of the blockchain requirements and upgrading as needed is a must. For example, when I started, the minimal requirements were 12GB RAM and 40GB disk space. Those figures have grown to 42GB RAM and 115GB disk space (as of today). So during those changes, I've always migrated my servers to other locations (to keep the network as spread as possible across the world) and of course increased the servers specifications to accommodate the Steem system requirements for a while.

Currently I have 3 witness nodes in different countries/continents, and one seed node. My setup provides good redundancy in case of a failure. So far I've only missed 7 blocks. What's more, I wrote two monitoring tools that keep an eye on the missed blocks and on the status of each server, 24/7. Whenever something is amiss, I get notified immediately so I can address the situation.

Server Monitoring and Fail-Over

I like to customize my own tools, so using my Fail-over bash script I have a mechanism to fail-over in case I miss a block. My rules are very stringent with a 1 miss tolerance. What that means, if I miss 1 block, I automatically switch to the next backup server.

First Response

I'm always alert during witness emergencies. In fact, I've always been among the early witnesses who updated their servers as soon as any fixes became available to patch security or critical issues. For example:

Steem.Chat Help

Ever since I started my witness server, I've been dedicating a lot of my time in helping users and witnesses on Steem.Chat. I have assisted literally thousands of users with various problems, mainly related to sign-ups. I work along with @timcliff (a remarkable witness and person) in screening problematic sign-ups. The task was manual and time-consuming in the past, but after a few months of doing that, and with the ever increasing number of issues (and thousands of dm's), I developed a website+database system for a more efficient triage and processing. There were several peak months in the last year, but with the improvement in the Steemit account sign-up, things have improved greatly.

Also, I help users with account name recovery thanks to a tool that can Recover Account Name From Password. I wrote that months ago and it's been handy for the last few months.

Projects I Support

Minnow Support Project

I've been a member and delegator of the @minnowsupport project since I started Steeming, almost a year ago. I'm proud to be one of the early members. The MSP gave me a huge boost in confidence to keep going forward, especially when @aggroed helped me with some visibility for my Big Pharma posts. Since then, I've befriended a lot of people there and enjoyed their enthusiasm for Steemit and helping others get off and fly.


I'm a delegator of @youarehope. It's a charity project founded by @sircork in October 2017. I believe people who do charity deserve some recognition and credit for their efforts on the ground, like @malos10 and @bigdude.

The Resistance

I've been actively engaged with @the-resistance since it started, to counter and expose grumpycat aka madpuppy abuses. Luckily, he's been powering down and is less active than before. Good riddance. Instead of flagging him, I can focus on curating again.

Tools and Development

My greatest hobby is programming. I know BASIC (yes don't laugh, it's the first language I learned... when I was 10 years old), Visual Basic (naturally), Delphi, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, shell script (bash). Although not a certified developer, I manage pretty good with those languages and I'm always learning new techniques and skills. This experience has allowed me to write several tools than I gladly share with the Steemit community.


I'm sure many of you are already familiar with https://steemian.info. It's a website I developed that provides concise information about the Steemit and the Steem blockchain. There are various sections, in particular communities, security, witnesses, tools and FAQs.

Witness List

The famous witness ranking page at https://steemian.info/witnesses provides information about the top 400 witnesses and their parameters. What's more, I implemented a Witness Voting Improvement where users can directly vote/unvote for their witnesses, especially those listed outside the Top 50, via SteemConnect. We've been longing for that feature for a long time, and only recently Steemit decided to implement a change to include the top 100 instead of top 50 at https://steemit.com/~witnesses, although the change isn't effective yet.

Reserve Ratio and Average Block Size Chart

Hosted at https://steemian.info/reserveratio, the Reserve Ratio and Average Block Size Chart monitors the fluctuations of the reserve ratio and block size. I wrote that tool in response to the bandwidth limitation problem that was wreaking havoc on the users, especially minnows, 3 months ago. In order to help Steemit developers visualize what was happening, and hopefully to find a solution to fine tune the different parameters involved in the bandwidth.

Seeds Ping Script

A little Seeds Ping Script to be used the the config.ini of a witness.

Witness Price Feed

My latest price feed tool for witnesses written in NodeJS.

GitHub Pull Requests History

Fighting Abuse

I have actively fought relentless spam on the steem.chat last year; some of you may remember the infamous @bilalhaider! I have no tolerance for spam, scams, plagiarism, unfairness and abuse. I don't necessarily seek them because other projects are already taking care of that (@steemcleaners, @spaminator, etc). But when I see them in the comments on my posts, I'll downvote them immediately and/or report to the appropriate channels. It's my little contribution to keeping the space clean.


I've been curating manually for a long time, with my slowly increasing stake. However, I feel that many of the people I follow are providing great content that I often miss because I'm too busy coding or performing my duties. Given the generous delegation from @wackou a while ago, I figured I should put that to good use and curate more. One alternative is to use voting automation, therefore I've been developing my curation bot (yes, another bot). It's been a great learning experience so far and I'm still testing and improving the code. In time, I will announce a new project I've been keen on starting, and with the help of that bot, it will be possible.

Final Thoughts

I may have missed some points here and there, but this post sums up my dedicated engagement on Steemit. I hope it meets the expectations for the Minnow Support vote, as well as any potential voter who wasn't aware of my humble existence. If you like my deeds, please vote for me. Thanks in advance.

Available & Reliable. I am your Witness. I want to represent You.

🗳 If you like what I do, consider voting for me 🗳


If you never voted before, I wrote a detailed guide about Voting for Witnesses.

Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses. My name is listed in the Top 50. Click https://steemitimages.com/DQmYq3yGqzvbK4JQFudeXoDp6PEtdny8vSvX5swqW5sA2fE/chevron-up.png once.

Alternatively you can vote via SteemConnect


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Excellent work @drakos! The more I read, the more I was shocked by the work that you do as a witness! I made the right choice that I voted for you :) I see that you support my artist friends, and I'm happy about it. Can I invite you to visit my blog? I paint and photograph, and also write articles about travel.

For your work I want to give you a dolphin, which I painted yesterday :)

I have to say thats pretty awesome. And i guess a congratz is in order now that Grumpy is leaving. Hehe.

I know others also do an amazing job, but i somehow have a fondness for Witnesses that interact with you. Guys like you, Aggroed, Crimson, Gtg, TeamSteem, etc... Ive read Wackou resignation letter and he really seemed like a genuine guy even though i never really knew much about him prior.

Ive seen some witnesses come on discord radio and talk very negatively about the minnow user pool, things like that even mentioned to me in DMs... So we really do notice.
Right now a large stake holder means more then almost all the minnows, but if we manage to increase the user base, those minnows will slowly start to dominate the platform.
Theres more of us "poor" ones out there then there are investors. ;)
When that happens you and the guys ive mentioned above will really get your chance to shine.


Minnow i support you

just so you know he got the vote!


Thanks :)

thank you nice job

I know you will get that witness vote!! you have done a lot for the minnows here! (including me) plus all the toll you have developed for steemit, you already deserve that vote bro! you only needed to apply haha.

thanks for the shootout drakos! and for these times you have helped me

Drakos is one of the few active witnesses that always available if you need assistance. When I started as Witness, almost a year now he is the first one to offer support and still doing it.

Cheers to you mate.

Thank you, my friend, for the wonderful effort you have made for us
Really wonderful ideas
You deserve to vote for you as a witness
You are like me here
Thank you my dear friend

grandioso excelente muy bueno

You are one of the witnesses that I believe in with all the things that you do in the platform.

You are a combination of a technical and social witness that we need here and have a steady head.

I appreciate all the help you have done with my countrymen that have been hacked and scammed.

The advocacy that you do is amazing and delegating to YouAreHope, The Resistance and MSP.

Your steemian.info/witness was one tool that I used to make sure that all my 30 witnesses were active as well as finding out what they did.

Although I don't do art so never received your manual curated vote but it's okay it is not your upVotes that matters but what you do in the platform.

You have my vote and support.

Thanks for everything you do, @drakos! You’ve had my witness vote for a while.

This post has been resteemed from MSP3K courtesy of @aggroed from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ).

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You got a 69.66% upvote from @upme thanks to @drakos! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

now lets get you in the top 20!!


Almost here... 3 more steps to go.

Wow is a well crafted project is very interesting, you have everything you need to do and experience to face the problems that arise

Thanks for everything you do!😊
(I have new drawings. I hope you look at them:)

Hey, you mentioned you help people with Steem chat. So I was wondering if you know what is happening since my chat hasn't been working for ages and I don't know who could help me. I must explain it here since I can't do it in the chat:
Every time I try to go to the chat, the page is all blue. There's no text, so I can't press anything and go to different channels or write/chat. I have tried refreshing the page and once I even managed to log out and then in again but ot didn't help and the chat just isn't working anymore. Also my discord isn't working, but that's another problem, so there's no place for me to chat with people anymore and that is frustrating!! It worked normally like couple months ago, but nothing ever since the page just suddenly turned blue and I don't remember doing nothing different to it.. So pleaaaaaseee help me!!🙏🏼

WOW! You have accomplished so much that I don't know where to start, let me try never the less :)

  • missing only 7 blocks is admirable
  • being active on steem chat is wonderful and I am sure you helped more people than you can even remember, even became a reason for some to decide to stay instead of leaving the platform which means you have a great deal to do with retention
  • you could not have picked better projects to support, especially the YAH which is bigger than just a regular steemit community since it does charity work across the globe
  • as for your development, I have to say that 400 witnesses is the best thing you did, but I am being subjective here hihi, that is my personal favorite because it helped me get a more transparent view and for that, I am very grateful
  • fighting abuse is always welcomed and appreciated, kudos!
  • your curation efforts deserve a big round of applause, you are very active and supportive and a lot of people should follow your example

As for the BASIC, I learned it when I was 10 too :) A good place to start I would say, and just look where it brought you. To end the comment, I have to say that your shiny sparkly little pirate is adorable and if someone is able to look at it without smiling has no soul LOL

So glad you're here. Thanks for all you do! 💖

Your efforts have been phenomenal. I wish i can vote more than once, i would gladly do so. I see your efforts and your works speak for itself, so you have my support anytime and any day, You are doing amazing for this platform and you are indeed a blessing. Keep doing what you do. We are blessed to have you. Your support has been top notched.

It is a good job, I congratulate you for what you do @drakos !, successes, THANKS for sharing!

  ·  2년 전

I am new and just started to learn about witnesses. Lots of interesting information here. I think it is important for a witness to keep people updated about what they are doing exactly. Thanks!

Thank you back @drakos You made feel appreciated in a moment I was doubting about almost everything. Thanks for remind me minnows care, plankton in fact. Care enough to interact and have an encouraging word. And also for minnow support and msp. All the best.

Sold!! Just added you to my witnesses @drakos and you have done an awful lot for this community.

You have my vote, your help has been invaluable to me in the past.

Congratulations @drakos!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 8 with $ 384,34

Thanks for your efforts. You have my vote and I hope @minnowsupport will vote for you as well.

You deserve it bro!


Assuming they'd vote for me 😀

Thank you for all the dedication and effort in the community, this is true not to give the fish but to teach fishing, it is true kindness and win / win. The strength is in the joining.

You have lost 7 blocks but what about those lost blocks? Does that make someone who is using the Steem block chain have a problem?

wow and with so many things you do when you sleep? The truth is that when I read the publications of people like you who make a great effort so that all this is going on, it excites me so much and I am happy that there are people so committed to this community.

As a 10 year old child, do you learn programming? Bones, I mean, what prompted you to learn that as a child instead of going to play or do other things as a child? please @drakos answer me this question at least heheheheh porfis, porfis. 😘

I always stop by here my friend, for your publications to learn from you and the way you do the post ... Thanks for such a good contribution, from #venezuela support your work my friend ... greetings <3

Very rich application, so much accomplishments. You deserve whatever it is for which you are putting up this application. Kudos to you.

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

wonderful . thank you so much

Very interesting article. It’s great to hear the story of someone who got in relatively early (and had the requisite skill set) with Steemit. I’ve always had a passion for writing and formulating ideas. That, combined with my continuing research into blockchain tech and the implications it entails, has a weird compounding effect on my appreciation for this platform and its potential.

Best of luck in your efforts!

@drakos Great!! This is super, and I'm super happy to give someone like you my vote! I love charity work and there's nothing wrong with recognition and promotion of it. :D

Oh well, I saw you passed by my profile and dropped a "nipple estimation comment". I read and likes your application and I just upvoted you as witness and I wish you the best luck!


Thanks :)

It looks a little bit hard to even become a witness...I can only imagine how they feel and daily role :-)