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Hold on, here we go! Thank-you to all making this move possible. ❤

Could you send me the markdown for this post, so I can repost in the LASSECASH tribe? My Discord:


I see its not the original post... :(... anybody have a copy of the original announcement?

Oh Justin, oh Justin. You are such an... not likable person.

Well, I'm going to continue posting here after I move to Hive. Just to say in every post after Friday: "I'm in Hive, come there." And I hope there are tohers too that come back here occasionally to say: "Here we all are, come here."


Hive might become a trigger word for automatic censorship in the future.


If that happens, I'll switch to pictures with the hive text.
Or I write bullshit and make every sentences first letter bold. Like this:

Hello darlings!
I have an announcement for you.
Visit my blog on the better platform. I'm so
Exited to see you there!

And if Justin blocks my account, I'll switch to another account. I have accounts. And spam people with comments. Although commenting has always been so hard for me but I'd do that for HIVE!

Really bad move on his part. Completely destroys what little credibility he had left and whatever incentive people have to use this platform over, say, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. I was going to hold on to my Steem and see what happens when all this shakes out, just to play the investing game, but I doubt it will ever amount to anything now. I'll probably start powering down and just forget about Steem forever now.


Power down and come to Hive :)

So you are dumping Steem for more Hive coins?


As soon as feasible, right now I'm stuck in power down :(

I like the new icon. Because it is the same as three diamonds.

The three diamonds in Spain were a night signal on television, announcing when a "porn" movie was about to start. The image of the three diamonds means that a "sexual" risque movie would be broadcast.

Waiting to see how things change once you change from one project to another.

Or will bots and everything else stay the same?

That is what seems sadder to me ..