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@fyrst-witness & @fyrstikken
great news! Could you please elaborate a bit more on that?
I believe using only green energy for any blockchain technology is paramount.
So I am very keen to know how you do it. So from your comments I believe that your servers are no more sited in Norway (because of this new power tax) .. so I would guess for Iceland and therefor geothermal energy?
Or do you actually have the possibility to produce your very own power by a small hydro plant or solar PV array?
Do you plan to roll out this label (I assume it was created by you) to any steem witness that wants to get "certified" by you?

Kind regards,



bullshit ploy to get votes

@fyrstikken is long time scammer and will do anything to mislead investors and users if he can profit.

Hey that great idea that I did not know existed WoW looks very good.

If you do not mind I'll take a look to see how it works, I can still suggest something.

Is this Web project yours? If it is, it really looks good;)

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

@fyrst-witness & @fyrstikken, Enjoy your day brother. Stay blessed always. 🙂

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