@fyrst-witness in 1/4 partnership with @ausbitbank - because he deserves it!

2년 전

We are proud to announce that from today we will be working with and supporting the important work that @ausbitbank is doing for STEEM.

We are both on the same page when it comes to blockchain integrity and our partnership in this market is a real win/win situation for both our companies.



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Hope you keep us updated as to what you guys are actually partnering on. :)

Ausbit is great and does deserve support.

This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

@fyrst-witness and @ausbitbank, Hope that this Partnership will attain the Fruition. Stay blessed.

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I am a community manager at Snax. We are trying to make public blockchain based on EOS node. Snax chain will provide transactions over social networks, token supply based on user social influence.

Snax as well as Steemit rewards its users for the content created, but Snax works as overlay solution over existing social networks (e.g. Twitter)

We have no ICO. We already have a testnet, mainnet will be launched this month, and we currently looking for great candidates for Block Producers like yourself. You can find out more about us at our website snax.one

If our project is interesting for you, please let me know by emailing me at tim@snax.one or on steem chat.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and keep rocking this world!

3 hours later and nobody gives a fuck about you partnering with another half baked retard. Sounds about right.


You are a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day.


so is this @minnowsupport joining fryrst corp/scam incorporated


This isn't anything to do with msp, I'm just managing another witness box+pricefeed with potential for future joint projects with me personally. I co-founded and <3 msp, but not everything I do is related to them :P