They speak of a fork that will remove ze coins from Steemit Inc because of insta-mining?

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In other words - The Shuffle of SteemPower was done by cheating? - That is the accusation from Top 20 Witness!

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.41.07 AM.png

A Steem with or without Steemit Inc. is up for debate and the argument for removing their influence is because of something Steemit Inc. @Ned and @Dan did which is called insta-mining/ninja-mining which by knowing the exact second mining can start + buying up all rentable equipment in advance to monopolize on POW mining from the start which Steemit Inc. Most likely had 100% knowledge about, and must have done in order to "secure" the majority stake it did secure.

I picked this up in a debate between @smooth and @whatsup over at the @steemitblog comment section on their last post. Was wondering what @timcliff, @gtg, @sircork and the rest of you think about this?

Please be siviliced in the comment section, use @SteemSpeak discord if you need to rage!

@Fyrst-Witness represent the Investors who have bought their stake in STEEM. @fyrst-witness has not been a part of steem during the first half year of its existense and is not guilty of insta-mining/ninja-mining. FYI!

So what Split-Fork will it be?

Steem & SteemClassic?

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To be clear, I wasn't debating what happened, I was just discussing what we should do going forward.

I don't have an opinion yet on a fork, I haven't seen a real proposal or the idea sketched out yet.

Things to consider Exchanges, MarketCap, Branding Efforts, Community Splits.

Won't someone consider the Children? lol...


think of ze children!!

I think it is interesting to hear this buzz.

I could also ask if the witnesses are decision makers or just fillibusters.

Always wondering about this subject and to get it clearer I have to go and research it and I found this article on steem.

Sounds like steemit is done and selling out. That is my take from Sircork's statements. I hope whoever the new buyer is, does well :)

From what I recall in the early months, mining was monopolized by 1 or 2 miners for a most of time until it was phased out entirely.

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

A fork that takes us back to the n2 seems to be the only route to get back to 'popular' content trending.

If that is to happen then we might as well fix the ninjamine at the same time.

Using the steemit account to fight abuse @steemflagrewards style, and also to stop abuse of the n2 by outlier accounts might as well be included, too.

Clearly linear rewards have done what they were designed to do, ned is off the rails, the original design wasnt given a chance to change us but was rather changed to force the broader status quo on the community.

Who leaves a game because they are tired of wealth being flaunted in their faces by folks that didnt work hard for it only to join another even more disparate?

The obstinancy demonstrated by the top stakeholders has become a dead end, forking seems to be the easiest way out.

I don't have an opinion yet about a possible fork but the fact of the matter is people cheated in the beginning and I feel like it now marginalizes peoples investments. I wish Ned would just sell his entire stake in an OTC market somehow to a real developer with vision. Ned could care less about Steemit, he is working on a completely different project I think. I bet he's even selling steem to fund it. He has accomplished very little here. I did not invest in Steemit, I like you invested in Steem (saw you video) and it's one of the best block-chains out there. It works flawless and its very easy to use.

Just keeps getting worse as time goes along. Steemit = facebook v2. They censor users without any record or even telling people they do so.

24 days later :)