GuiltyParties Witness Update

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  • Running stable on 0.19.12 for some time now, no issues to report
  • Brand new 64 GB server is working well
  • Actively planning setting up redundancies/additional failovers (to add to present roster of active use and test servers)

Recent Contribution

We urgently need your support for our witness in order to continue with these contributions.

Account Creation

  • We've extended our account creation services to include everyone in order to alleviate some of the pressure off the Steemit Inc team
  • New account request form is now available at
  • Use of this form requires the applicant to verify ownership and identity through an existing social media account or website
  • Verification will come with the standard Steemcleaners (Steemitboard) Verification badge and 'verified' status on the Steemcleaners website
  • Attempts to exploit the account creation process will result in further verification layers added
  • Current wait time is 48 hours
  • The original account request form for military veterans can be found at
  • The veterans form requires proof of service
  • The main difference between the General and the Veterans accounts is the SP delegation: veterans accounts receive a delegation of 15 SP for as long as necessary while General accounts will only have their 15 SP for a period of 7 days
  • We are also putting together guides for new account owners to ensure they are adequately equipped to manage their new accounts

Investor/Innovator Onboarding

  • Last week we introduced you to @niffler Introduction, Our Post
  • has kindly agreed to add STEEM to their trading platform if we as a community show interest
  • Sign up here to be part of the movement to get STEEM on Niffler
  • We have reached out to numerous other innovators, investors, content creators and other notable individuals who we hope will bring value to the Steem blockchain
  • You can read more about this here

Active Participation in #SSMBD

  • If you don't know what the #ssmbd is you will now
  • After much talk between a lot of witnesses and otherwise stakeholders, including myself, @timcliff made it official in his post here
  • The Steem Social Media Blast Day is coming up soon and the exact date will be announced shortly
  • We're actively preparing for it and pretty much going all out to make sure it's a success
  • It's up to everyone to help bring awareness of Steem to the world
  • Keep an eye out for our contests found here and here

First Ever Community Badge

  • It turns out that we are the creators of the first ever community badge on the @steemitboard
  • The Veterans Badge was implemented last week after much development
  • All known military veterans on Steem have now received the badge
  • You can read more about this in Steemitboard's announcement
  • You can provision your community with it's own badge by contacting @arcange and working with him to make it happen (paid service)

Ongoing Contributions

  • Support for #veterans and #steemsilvergold communities
  • Active member of @steemcleaners team
  • Delegator (free of charge) to a large variety of international projects
  • Anti-phishing, hacking and similar abuse

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Hi @guiltyparties! We are @steem-ua, a new Steem dApp, computing UserAuthority for all accounts on Steem. Starting from the witnesses, UA propagates from user to user based on its followers until equilibrium is reached. We are currently in test mode upvoting quality contributions with a high UA value (UA_author + UA_post)!

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SteemitBoard and the Veterans on Steemit - The First Community Badge.

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Good stuff. Thanks for all you do for Active Duty and Vets on this platform. Hopefully we see an increase in participation from Military members as a result. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for all you do for the blockchain and those of us who love it! 💞