my witness thread

4년 전

@jacor launched our new Witness server yesterday:

This server is monitored as part of the @SportsPodium server farm:
3GHz quad core CPU
SSD storage
Latest HF version (19.2)
Updated price feed

Reasons to vote for our Witness:

  • @jacor and @SportsPodium have been big promotors of Steem for years. We hosted two Steem Saturdays in 2016 and 2017. We mention Steem on all our interviews and talk about Steemit whenever we get the chance
  • SportsPodium will use the Steem platform for the Social Media part of the project and drive many users to adopt Steemit
  • We have secure infrastructure and the team to support, upgrade and maintain the Witness
  • SportsPodium developers contributed and will continue to do so on the Steem platform
  • We need all the support we can get from the community. Much appreciated!

Please vote for @jacor-witness by going to the link below:

We won't be in the top 50 from the start, so please scroll down to the bottom and enter our name in the textbox on the bottom of the page to vote for us:

Thank you for your support and happy Steeming!

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You guys are great and you have my strong support on this witness!


I really hope to you @donkeypong
also give good response from witnesses.


@donkeypong, thank you very much for your support, we do appreciate.

Big move, hope you enjoy being a witness, look forward to your update posts in the future.


Thank you! Please follow @SportsPodium to keep updated.


Been following them for quite some thanks @jacor-witness just added you to my witness list...

im all in on @sportspodium so you just got my vote!

Really great see nice

hey i i need a bt of help can you please tell me how can i set up a server like that