@jacor-witness Campaign - Follow up and feedback

4년 전

Thanks to all that has voted for the @jacor-witness during the last week. The campaign did well and we are already serving the community as we are part of the top 100 Active witness list.

For those that have not voted yet, we would love if you do as we would want to be part of the Top 50 over time as we prove ourselves.


What is a Steem witness?

Due to the fact that many people on the platform is not technical I thought I will give an overview on exactly what a witness is and what tasks it performs.

The Steemit application, which is used by all of us to blog is running on the Steem Blockchain. Many other applications can be written to run on the Steem Blockchain. Just like any other blockchain, Steem requires a group of people to create Blocks in the chain and in contradiction to other Blockchains, Steem does not require miners to create blocks, but it needs people to validate the blocks that are created. The group of people that validates the Blocks are called Steem Witnesses, and it is based on the Delegate Proof of Stake. Please have a look at the following video to understand more about DPOS.

Who can vote for witnesses?

All Steemit users like you and I can vote for Witnesses in order to have our say in who maintains the network. Each of us has 30 Votes, to select our favourite Witnesses.

The @jacor-witness is not in the Top 50 List yet, so you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page, type @jacor-witness in the textbox provided and the select the vote button.

You can vote for your favourite witness using the following link:


What is a witness suppose to do?

All witnesses runs hardware and software on a server, which needs to be maintained to ensure that the Steem Blockchain are maintained by a network of computers. In the @jacor-witness case, the hardware and software are maintained by a group of software technicians with years and years of experience, which makes us unique to a certain extend, as our company maintains the witness and not an individual. This allows us to ensure that we have a reliable witness running 24 / 7 / 365.

Our current server spec:

Initial Server Spec

  • 32GB RAM
  • Core i5
  • SSD storage
  • Version 19.2

We are only a few votes away from a Full Rank Top 100 witness.

All votes will be very much appreciated. We are a committed team of people to ensure a reliable service and are asking for community support by voting for our witness.

Happy Steeming!

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thaks For the post sir important post..❤️

Thank you for sharing bro I like it

Voted, good luck moving up the list!


Thanks azfix

Intersting !!

Done :)


Thanks @onetree ;) Long time no speak :)

Hi ! @jacor its nice to know you have made it to the top 100 witnesses. Thats really great for your team. I want to know if you have been doing any meaningful contributions to the development of the steem blockchain like maybe developing some awesome steemit tools or providing some really cool service, or consistently posting great educative content on steem, steemit, and related blockchain stuff...
Pardon my questions, its just that i am only coming across you now as a steemit witness, and i would really love to know in what way you are also impacting the steemit community... your post was not so elaborate on that... it would help if you could shed a bit of light on what you personally do as a steemit user, as a team and as a witness

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Hi @abasinkanga , we have plans to develop a few tools in the not too distant future. The detail will follow in the next few weeks. Our main contributions is currently at Steemit community level, where we are very active . We have arranged multiple events for Steemit, more Specifically Steem Saturdays 2016 and 2017. Ned joined us for the first one and we flew out some Steemit Members to an awesome event last year. Here is only one of the posts from an attendee. https://steemit.com/steemit/@kiligirl/first-steem-saturday-in-africa.

Oh and we are interviewed in the media quite often, and we ALWAYS mention Steemit to ensure we get the word out of Steemit.


wow! thats a good start for your team. I am impressed. Will like to keep following your activities. Cheers!

I will always vote for him,thanks dear.

Voted! Good luck!

Just voted for witness good work