@jacor-witness - Campaign to become a Steem Witness

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During my time on Steemit which started in July 2016, I have considered becoming a witness for the Steemit network many times, but was never in the position to do so. Well as everything in Crypto, the tides has changed and I am now in the position to take the responsibility of becoming a witness.

Since we have started working on @sportspodium we have built a strong team of experienced developers and are now in the position to support a Steemit Witness Server

Why support @jacor-witness?

  • We actively promote Steemit far and wide.
  • Some examples of this is the Steem Saturdays events which were held in both 2016 and 2017
  • Steemit will be the official platform where we will build the social media aspects of SportsPodium and therefor drive a multitude of new subscribers to the Steemit platform.
  • As part of the radio and online interviews with regard to SportsPodium, we always mention Steemit as the platform to join.
  • We are a company with the correct infrastructure and a team of strong developers with extensive experience running the Witness Server in a secure environment.
  • Many new add-ons to Steemit will be built by the development team over the years to come.

How to Vote @jacor-witness as Witness

Voting for me to be witness only takes a few seconds and can easily be completed on the page linked below:


Initially we won't be in the top 50 witness list to vote for. However you can still easily vote for us by scrolling to the bottom of the page and typing jacor-witness:

Initial Server Spec

  • 32GB RAM
  • Core i5
  • SSD storage
  • Version 19.2

The server will be upgraded as and when required. The server is already up and running and we are ready to start serving the steemit community.

Happy Steeming!

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Great thinking 😘😊

Dear good luck for working on steemit I like this I like make a company groups team for a work for steem in platform this step is very helpful


Ur most welcome

I think you did a good work with this article. You always share great info

Nice Post thanks you for this attractive information @jacor

Beautiful pajentation Nice steemit nice post thanks for sharing sir love it resteem plz upvote...😍😍😍

I sincerely appreciate your efforts in becoming a Steemit witness. It is not easy to have such a goal and making great progress to reach that goal. People like you really deserve my maximum support in what ever way I can. Please keep it up.

i really like your post and i enjoy it very with all your post

Wow... That is a beautiful initiative as the motive is to expand the bandwidth reach of steemit by diversifying. That notion "sportpodium" really strikes a chord with me. Good job there people.


Thanks very much

I am new plz,up vot me.

very good post dear...👌👌👌👌👌

"WOW" This is cool!!!!!! Good luck!!!

Yes. I. Like. Very god

I'm not sure I understand how we vote...


Hi @dahlsom. Please go to the following link: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

There is a list of 50 witnesses and at the bottom of the list there is a text field where you can type jacor-witness and then select the Vote button


Perfect. Thanks @jacor.

All my good wishes. I know you are working very hard to achieve your goal!!


Thank you very much ;)

+1 Vote!


Thanks a lot

Thumbs up and I support you guys all the way!