CloudFlare Worker Serverless Load Balancer for STEEM API Failure Rate

27일 전

I have set up an email notification to see how many times that the Steem RPC Load Balancer Failed during a day - due to e.g. network issues.


Notification emails will be sent if there is a 500 ERROR from CloudFlare Worker Load Balancer API for STEEM Node. On average, 2 to 3 hours per day. But each error means each time the API does not return 200 for a consective number of maxRetries.

The maxRetries policy is not linear back-off instead, it tries 1 second delay after previous failure.

The metrics confirm that there are errors - but on the other hand, the AWS Lambda API offers a far more stable "Load Balancer":


Load Balancer API for STEEM Blockchain.

Here are the first (and currently only two) Load Balancer APIs provided by me aka @justyy. See Node Status


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