How to Scale out the Delegation Service?


Currently, the number of delegators is increasing, and more than 700, Thank you!

According to Top Delegators by Number


That introduces a problem: to check the posts of all delegators takes time - I set the process to run every 12 minutes - however, checking all of 700 delegators may require more than that.

Here are a few ways to speed up:

  1. skip invalid delegators (blacklisted)
  2. skip delegators that have not posted today
  3. skip delegators that have been voted today already

However, still, it is slow. One way of scaling this service out would be to partition the delegators, so that it runs on multiple servers (scaling horizontally). And each server deals with a portion of the users and has its own voting database which won't affect each other.

We can also merge voting requests from each partition and only perform the actual voting (casting Steem API) on one place.

More work is on the road map!

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Keep up with the good work @justyy.

Hi Justyy,
If I delegate you 10000,
do I get 1 vote every 24 hrs automatically on my daily posting?
What is the average amount of voting per 10000 delegation? 15 ?


10K with proxy vote, you should receive a vote of at least 15% fixed


Hi Justyy,
I just delegate you 5,000
and voted you as a witness from @rtytf2 & @rtytf.
I want to see how it goes before I delegate more steem power.
I see people gets $13 ~ $15 per 10,000 delegation, a little more than from upvu.


5,000 additional steem powers have been delegated to you.
Thank you~


Nice.. thank you for your support.


Hi Justyy,
I didn't get any voting on my postings for last 48hrs.


OK. done.


I've delegated 225 SP today and got a vote at weight 0.22% ($ 0.09).
I couldn't understand the calculation. Would you please explain? Please.


Less than 1000SP you will only get 0.001% for every SP.