@Busy.witness (aka Busy.org) - Meet The Witnesses #22, Remastered

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#22 - @Busy.witness

Busy.witness is actually the witness account for the Busy.org project. As a result, a vote for Busy.witness is really a vote for the Busy.org team. Busy.witness doesn’t do much voting or commenting directly.

Busy.org is probably the most well-known interface for viewing Steemit content, other than Steemit.com itself. It evokes an interface feel more like Medium.com. I have seen Busy.org posts reposted on Reddit, so it definitely has some reach! (In fact, I’ve seen my own articles reposted on the Bitcoin r/btc subreddit, actually.)


@Sweetsssj 's front-page domination is apparently cross-platform.

Since Busy.org is a completely different front-end for accessing the Steem blockchain, it provides extra resiliency anytime Steemit is down. During the frequent outages at Steemit.com recently due to DDoS attacks, Busy.org was mostly still accessible, allowing life to continue on the Steem blockchain.

The team behind Busy.org currently is:

CEO - @ekitcho
CTO - @fabien
Developer - @nil1511
Developer - @p0o
Developer - @yamadapc

Busy.witness’ Current Witness Update: https://steemit.com/steem/@busy.org/busy-news-three-months-beta-what-s-new-next

Busy.witness’ Original Witness Thread & Busy.org Announcement: https://steemit.com/busy/@busy.org/busy-your-next-gen-social-network-platform-based-on-steem-blockchain

Busy.org Front Page: https://busy.org/

Please see the acknowledgement post here.

If you have any additions or errata for this post, please let me know! I will see that they are voted to the top of the comments, and will make the appropriate edits (if possible).

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Sources: @busy.witness, Busy.org
Copyright: @busy.witness, Busy.org

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In dis/honor of busy.org, I am posting this comment from it.
Previously today when my VP was over 99.9%, busy.org reported it to be 96%, and I guess it really costs a lot to display 2 more digits after the dot.
I got the feeling that busy.org was under some overload a few minutes ago.
Redeeming rewards seems to work better here.
Overall, it fails to be worse than steemit.com, while remaining much inferior to steemd.com.
How do I find my own comments here?
I may start reporting and documenting my experience in it in my future posts.
Overall for the time being, I am still not regretting joining it.
If it allows one a way of interacting with Steem while steemit is down, I guess it is more good than bad.
Time will tell.
Edit: Editing a comment here is a major bitch. Is this still during pre alpha stages, or is it just me?


"How do I find my own comments here?"

I, too, miss the comment feed. Since most of my work happens there, to be honest, it's tough not to have it. I couldn't provide any answer to your question, unfortunately.

"Overall for the time being, I am still not regretting joining it."

You have a way with "damning with faint praise". ;)

Thanks for keeping up in the comments.

Busy.witness can thank you for me voting for them as a witness. Keep up the great work lex


Thanks Chrone! I'm sure you can count on Busy's thankfulness, relative in size to your stake. ;)

This is very nice post..


Thank you!



You are quite welcome.

keep it up....

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