Cause it's a long way to the block if you wanna solid node...

3년 전

Just a quick shout out to all the witnesses

acdc meme.jpg

It's what it's all about isn't it. :)

yours forever in the blockchain


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I mentioned to someone, earlier, now you know what NASA felt like when they plummeting a probe into MARS.

it crashed because one group worked in Meters and one in Feet.

Important o have a common code.

Through all the confusion and chaos I am back up and running on 19.12, I suppose the only good thing that will come out of this is all Witnesses will now be on the same 19.12.

#thealliance #witness

It is a good thing you had 0.19.12 running properly before the 0.20.0 problems, and we are also secure in the fact that we will have HF 20 running properly unless there is another system-wide glitch ;-)
THAT is what 35 years IT Experience does for our Witness



Hardfork 20 planned, in 4d 12h 46m 57s

not much time left :)

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