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Dear Steem Community

Since 10 days, the @steemingcurators Witness node is successfully running the up-to-date version of the Steem blockchain. The first block our Witness produced was at height 44,531,583 and contained 5 transactions. Here you can see the transactions on the Steem Blockexplorer Steemscan, a tool by Witness @futureshock.

Please check that you have voted for active Witnesses here:
@steemingcurators is currently at spot 78 if you like to vote for us too. (You have 30 votes)
steemingcurators witness.png


Serving the Steem Blockchain by providing real computing power, was something we find essential. That we love Steem, and want its users and holders to do well, is likely known by now. We weren't expecting such positive responses when we first started our new adventure. As tons of support from the community came in, the connection with Steem became even stronger.

When Steemingcurators started, our vision for the project was to help Steemit with creating engagement, highlighting other projects and dapps, and to work closely with other communities to promote Steem Exclusive content.

Then on a sunny morning, the idea 💡 of MusicForSteem was born. THIS IS IT. Well, that's what we thought. The idea is great: Create a contest about something we all love, that unites people, and has the potential to attract a TON of money and users to the network. MusicForSteem 🎶, the world's largest live music contest on a blockchain.
When you see it, well, then you see it.

We would LOVE to spend all our work time in Steemit. Grow the project to massive success. And like in ANY business, we will need to spend money to make money. Here you can read the vision for Music For Steem. We have requested information and advice from a variety of connoisseurs in the Music Industry and legal space.

We do not expect users and professionals to work for us for cents or several dollars. Paying them with upvote money is only sustainable if you can keep the SteemPower for a certain LONG time. To make it a success, we will need to raise money to pay for professional assistance. As the great saying goes:

If you pay peanuts, you get monkey's

Steemingcurators has a community on Discord with 150 members and is growing rapidly by the day. We incentivize people to engage with other Steemians and get support in return. Join our discord channel to get more info!

Steemingcurators will keep hosting contests and challenges and hopes to work closely with the new community curators, witnesses and developers to grow Steem, block by block.

A big shoutout to Steem Witness @justyy for the assistance and our fist vote! It means a LOT! Vote for Justyy here >

The past week, we had a holiday with family in our home countries. Due to COVID, we haven't seen them for quite some time so our focus on Steem was very limited. From this week we have a normal schedule again, so stay tuned for BIG UPDATES - JOB OFFERS - HOST YOUR OWN CONTEST (all this week on @musicforsteem & @steemingcurators!

Thank you so much for ALL your support! You are the reason why we STEEM! Thanks, you guys are amazing!

VOTE FOR @steemingcurators as Steem Witness HERE

And please check that you have voted for ACTIVE witnesses here:

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Tusen tak!! Thanks a lot Team Norway!

Hi @steemingcurators and @ciska, it is nice to see that you decided to go for witness I am going to vote for you and will ask @xpilar and some other friends if they have still space for witness to give your group support. Your project is the best highlight of Steemit and amazing that the whole idea of creating @steemingcurators it was coming from simple users, like yourself @ciska and @cryptokannon.I wish you all success!


@stef1 thank you for your kind words and your continuous support to us 🤗😊


Thank you for your kind words and support to us and the entire Steem community. Your work is highly appreciated and we are super happy that you are on our side! Thanks for sticking around and putting so much effort into your art contests to keep the people active and engaged. I personally looked up to your curation work in general, and you are an example for the rest of the curators. Thank you!

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You got my vote too!😉


Thanks a lot!

Aunque no estaba al tanto de todas las actividades que se estaban realizando en la comunidad, me estoy poniendo al día. algunos concursos me parecen fabulosos y si contamos con el apoyo de ustedes y su voto, seguramente esos concursos serán un éxito. La casa gana! Saludos desde Venezuela


Gracias por el apoyo y las amables palabras! Es muy apreciado ¡Gracias por tu gran trabajo en steemit! Saludos desde España

You already have my support! regards!


Thank you so much!

I love all the activities sponsored by @steemingcurators.

I have managed to support the Music for Steem contest in various ways and plan to continue working with @ciska as long as possible.

I fully support you. I am a member of the Discord channel and I have just upvoted you as witnesses.

I am sure you will bring true value to our beloved blockchain.

ps: I would like to receive more information about the job offers.


Thank you Juan for all your support! Contact you through discord for the upcoming openings. It will be for MFS!

Thanks a lot!


Thank you very much. I'll be waiting.

voted for witness ,,
cheer !
steem on


Great thanks a lot!

Congratulations! Great visions for steem here. Keep on rocking great!


I was click baited by future in the title. Voted 🙂


Lol :) We are minding the FUTURE of Steemians too!


Awesome thanks!

@steemingcurators sir I have also done

Here is my Music for steem promotion with Poetry and gif animtion.

pic2gif_20200705_021502.gif have my support.
Cheers to you for the great work you are doing on the steem chain.