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Thriving through a Symbiotic Equilibrium

Symbiont{s} | Sentinels | Project Discontinued


We have the regret to announce that we will no longer be working on our late anti-farming/pushing/abuse solution due to a lack of support and tangible effectiveness. The project was like a huge ICBM but without the warheads, it looks beautiful, it runs smoothly, but there are no real impact on the target.

If anyone is interested in running his own instance of the project or contribute. The project is now open source under GPL-3.0 License. You can check it now on GitHub.

Despite everything, we will keep trying to fight all kinds of abuse with methods that are closer to our level of power. However, users can still go to SteemSentinels to use the old anti-abuse tool that we worked on in the past.

Steem on!

The Symbionts Team,

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You are right when you say that they do not have the necessary support since the new administration is not interested in combating abuse on the platform, it only focuses on their current projects.

I imagine that they have supported an account or group that is responsible for combating plagiarism since previously these groups used to do their misdeeds under rope with the power they delegated to them.

Although in reality if you need an account that has super powers since 1 million steempower would not end spammers and plagiarists, let's hope what action @steemitblog takes in this regard since there are currently many bad weed agriculture on the platform.