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Thriving through a Symbiotic Equilibrium
Symbiont{s} | Steem Sentinels | APIs & Categories


To better categorize the types of abuse, Sentinels can use the following commands instead to secure threats:

!phisher = Phishers table
!spammer = Spammers table
!farmer  = Farmers table

As a note, Sentinels can now add a comment in addition to the command if they wish. The behavior of the bot is the same, but this time, the bot will automatically print why the target user was blacklisted (example).

We also worked on providing 4 APIs to help anyone who wants to help fighting abuse or dapps that want a cleaner experience for their users:

Current sentinels:

1 @justyy
2 @steemchiller
3 @dr-frankenstein
4 @cryptokannon
5 @glory7
6 @jayplayco
7 @alejos7ven
8 @hightouch
9 @ety001
10 @ayogom
11 @sentinels
12 @steemingcurators
13 @maiyude
14 @virus707
15 @steem-agora
16 @azmausa
17 @roadofrich
18 @cmp2020
19 @elipowell
20 @famigliacurione
21 @girolamomarotta
22 @marcosdk
23 @remlaps1
24 @xpilar
25 @the-gorilla
26 @endingplagiarism
27 @steemcurator01
28 @steem.history

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