Witness Update - Yensesa just witnessed a block today

4년 전


Our journey of becoming a witness has not been an easy one. We first setup 2 months ago and almost gave up because of server cost and the fact that we have not been able witness any block yet. We just did our first witnessing today.

Massive thank you to @quochuy who kept motivating and encouraging us ever since we meet. @quochuy has been a great friend through out our witness journey, helping us with troubleshooting every step of the way. Thank you mate.

The magic happened when we got an upvote from @pnc which took @yensesa from a full rank of 170 to 165 and an active rank of 121. We were able to witness our first block a few minutes after.

Massive thank you to all the following people and team @accra who has supported us all this while. Yensesa is just getting started and we have greater things coming to Steem from the African community.


BIG Thank you all.

Please vote for Yensesa as your Steem witness so together we can empower the African community. Click here to vote for @yensesa

by : @black-man

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We could encourage all "Accranians" to propably use the' *click here to vote for @yensesa" as a signature of some sorts. Ending all post, (even if not yensesa related) with that signature for more exposure.


That is a great idea...

I was really glad when I learned that there's a witness server coming out of Africa. I hope to support this more in the future.


Thank you @lordjames for all your support.


yeah man we will get a large top 19 witness to be in Africa one day. We will allow Ghana and Nigeria to have so many steempower holders that youll be mining enough steem and sbd in curation and author rewards that we will be able to hire tens of millions of people.

And eos is just another huge source of income for us in the future


Yeah... I have got to look into EOS and see what I can do with it. I was reading the white paper today.

Congrats @yensesa you are moving up! Keep up the growth!

I like this idea, especially with helping African community.



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