Sunday already well here is a wonderful Witness update-zeartul Full RPC Node ahead!

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The last couple of weeks steemit has been having issues with overload and DDOS attacks many nodes seem to be down.
When this happends I go to this nifty site to check on the status on the.

Steem Servers

Since I am running a witness server and I also run bellyrub both use steem's blockchain and servers I now think it is a time for @zeartul to set up a full blown Node server to help out with the load on steem and steemit.

In doing so it would take some load off and help with all functions I will be in contact with @someguy123 to get this up and running Today.


Please wait for update on it today or tomorrow

The infrastructure of steem steemit needs more nodes if you have the resources I would suggest you set you up.

Side Note: You might have also noticed your drafts are not getting saved or even posted and your work is lost, which can be avoided if you use for the tie being.

This is again due to the recent DDOS attacks and nodes failing. Make sure to save your work. another fast way to make sure your work is not deleted is You can also right click on the post tab, top right and click "open link in new tab" That would open up a copy of your post, just in case the one you submitted did not post. you can than try again.

@timcliff Made a post a couple of days ago, about just that. - Attention Steemains - Save your posts before clicking the submit button! Go read it.

Server Specs Needed for a RPC Node

CPU 6 core/12 thread Xeon
Disk 2x500GB SSDs
Network 1gbit/s from Germany

If you would love to help put steem and steem to help it run more smoothly go on ahead and vote for my witness @zeartul by going here

You can also help by sending donations, to help out with the set up server costs, since at the moment it will be straight out of pocket. with being witness # 73

Some exciting news below recap of success post.

I am super stoked I finally hit 7K Steem Power, when I look back though that 7K could of been a bit more if I powerd up all my posts, there are no regrets though none. Holding steempower is my end goal.

Bellyrub has 4,000 Steem Power

Something interesting though is 90% of SP has been earned by curating (running the bot itself).

Earning almost 10K steempowr with both accounts has been a nice journey and it will only keep getting better through here on out.

Are you powering up?

As far as Steemit goes I believe in this platform, I had a discussion with another member on here about Steemit is still in Beta and we seem to forget that. We are the testers we are the ones who are testing this damn wonderful site!


I have learned so much being on here and as well running my witness node and also running @bellyrub, The knowledge I am getting being on here is priceless. This platform has over 400K accounts but I say close to 30K-50K are truly active. Wow the numbers seems a bit odd but it sure does seem like it.

My Eden wallet:

could get better, still working on it.

I got these in the mail couple of days ago:


They came out great and only 1500 were minted and was only able to pick up 10... A bit sad but I still got a piece of steem/steemit history.

Any Private sellers?

Also representing our SMT T-shirts:


Push your Post Payouts with a Vote from @Bellyrub

Send any amount over .5 of SBD with your Posts URL as Memo

Start earning real Appreciations on your SBD from now on!

Deposit 20 SBD or more to the @Bellyrubbank today

I´ll always give my best for YOU!

Vote @Zeartul for Witness

Follow me on twitter as well @zeratulsteemit

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Love this, I've just posted about wanting to get more involved in the dev side of thing. I'm pretty much a newb when it comes to this though (I'm a wordpress guy). Are there any resources you would suggest checking out?
Will vote for your witness too when I can get onto the main site! :-)

I've been using with much less frustration -- however, today it put two of my replies to others' comments as top-comments, rather annoying.

Just voted for you for witness, great job on bellyrub and I just found out about the bank thanks to this post:

Also I can report that votes aren't showing up at, and they are being recorded (I tried to upvote this post after seeing the spinner turn back into a white-background up-arrow, and it said I had already voted in a similar manner). Same thing for upvoting comments on this post. Back to busy...

In fact, I had to come back to to post this freaking comment! After the spinner stopped spinning, I got a "Transaction broadcast error."

And the Windows clipboard would really benefit from having multiple entries, as I needed to save the above comment which hadn't posted; the URL so I could replace with in order to successfully comment (so, I put the comment into a Notepad instance); and, the image which had contained another error message that "slid in" from the left, at the bottom, but I had already reused the clipboard for one of the above and lost it.

I fear I'm losing it. This used to be fun.

@zeartul your Exodus Wallet will look better over time, don't worry it will build.

Awesome work as always

nice post..
thanks for sharing this post...

That is so amazing. I am very grateful for that! Love it.

Great work buddy! Excited about another RPC node, will happily add it to my list. As I’m more and more dependent on community provided nodes, I will work out a scheme to give something back to support the great work.


no one knows what the witness scheme is for, how are they recruited what do they do what are the benefits of being one, etc.


The witness scheme as you call it mine steem and help out the steem blockchain, were do you think the steem comes from? it Needs to be Mined(Witnessed) before it can be paid out to you in the from as a payment for your post.

If you were to read the whitepaper you would know exactly what a steem witness do. They are voted on by members of steemit.

The witnesses pay for the server cost to run a witness it benefits you and every one else.

Thanks for your full RPC node. You Got my vote for witness.

Good jop.
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