Changed the Steem blockchain witness to v22.1

9개월 전

Previously the Steem Community witnesses had moved to a "symbolic" protest version v22.4444 to protest the removal the community elected witnesses. Personally I am against running weird versions and such as these signals and price feeds are very important.

However the changed scenario needed to signal the versions. I didn't knew that this could be objectionable in a cultural sense to certain people.

At this point I have revered back to the old v22.1

  • This version was the official steemit Inc code
  • Node code changes are made

Thank you for reading & do consider selecting bobinson as witness or witness proxy.

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Yeah, I wish all the witnesses would do that. They're screwed by having powered up their funds anyway. If they want their STEEM they have to stop voting and powerdown.


@indigoocean Some of the folks on 22.444 are working on other things. I think in general there is a consensus to go back and put 22.1. I think thats the case :)

Too much drama going on and hard to see which is which now.

Keeping this sane is highly recommended and I hope this is a good start (in going back to non-drama mode!)