Lemme Eat + Witness Up(chuck)date

3년 전

Lemme Eat

(Entry for the Worldwide Cypher Jam from @termitemusic)

Shout out to #thealliance
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@freewritehouse, @minnowbootcamp
@adsactly, @thesteemengine
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It's like this

Y'all been eatin long enough goddammit
Need to fill up my plate, so I can feed the family
I ain't goin away, you be best ta undastand me
Witty take the gambit like I planned it during transit
Don’t know what the fuck I’m doin I just keep doin it
Shadows in the distance a resistance maybe a movement
Beat myself down my own worst enemy im provin it
Carving out the raw courage with flurries of fluidness
Who is this? Shit - I don’t even know
Lookin in the mirror don’t know where the fuck to go
Look a little deeper see the creature down below
Suppressed by a mess of narcissistic undertow
Can’t let it surface, make pennywise look like a saint
But I feel it takin over like schizophrenic war paint
Never know when I snap and hang you by you your taint
Cuz im nots to be fucked with I’m a ruckus being detained
Unleash the reigns dammit I need some space
I Need to save face I need to make my place
I need to take a break I need to break a face
I need amazing grace I need a mothafukn raise
Bump it up goddammit cuz I aint goin away
The enemy within a gremlin grinning at the grey
You know how i play regardless where I stay
Bump it up goddammit cuz I aint goin away
Ya heard me, your ignorance gonna get you
Foolish muthafukkaz only cuz I let you
I bet you, in my face I fukn wet you
Bump it up goddammit, like the whole planet sent you

Greedy fucks. I know you hear me.

Check it out on CHOON


With #hardfork20 hours away, this is the version I was running when it went to shit earlier this week. Apparently, since so many people had upgraded to the new #hf20 version already, it forked prematurely. I know there's a joke in there somewhere. So I waited for a bit, 2 days in fact, before I finally started messing with my witness. For some reason, it wouldn't let me get in to re-enable and broadcast my updates! So, I sought out the help of my old friend @jatinhota. He really did try, and is still one of the most helpful and nicest fellaz I've met out here, but since he shut his down, he hasn't been keeping up as diligently and didn't have the answers I needed.


So, I saw that people on 19.12 were running just fine and decided to upgrade to that. Same damn thing. Couldn't get in to broadcast. I checked with @someguy123 and read his instructions with a fine tooth comb and did everything I possibly could to get it back up. I even went to the dry humor of the witness trollbox on Steem.chat and was probably looked at like a moron by a few people like @drakos because - let's face it - you guys know I'm no master coder. Learning as I go. Someguy did come off with a way to get in ultimately, but still couldn't enable my witness.


Yes, I went through 3 versions this week. The replays alone put me out probably 2 days, especially since for some reason, it didn't recognize that I had any block logs whatsoever - like I had no record of the chain. So, had to rebuild that shit twice and that takes a few hours each time. Still no luck with the wallet. So I asked my fellow fam witness, @c0ff33a what I could be doing wrong. He gave me a whole new configuration that worked beautifully and suggested I use the conductor wallet for enabling and broadcasting. That took a good 12 hours to finally get it up where it needed to be because I was still on the 19.12 at the time and it didn't want to recognize a few things.

Thanks @coff33a

Then as I was getting that all situated, finally getting all the right keys in the right places and learning a few new coding terms for this new appbase stuff, I had a chat with my boy @jackmiller. I was pulling my hair out at that point, and he is always good conversation. But at least I was on the right track and with the help from some good friends, knowing that I'm a SOCIAL witness, we got it running again.

Hard Fork 20 in T-

I'm sorry for the delay, but know I'm here for the long haul. Thank you to several people for checking in on me too, that was nice. @buzzbeergeek, @surpassinggoogle, @ange.nkuru and @swelker101 to name a few. Of course, encouragement from the fam kept me from taking a hammer to my keyboard so thank you all my lovely allies! Especially @saffisara, @katrina-ariel and @snook who listened to me bitch about it all week. STeeM oN my peoples and REMEMBER TO BE YOU!

The Pirate Lord of Darkness

@snook made this badass gif
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Awww... You know you can say whatever shit you need to get out... I'm always listening and always here for you 🤗 I know this has been SO much for you and I really hope it goes smoothly from here.
I hear you all the way and Awsome entry for that jam and great message that couldn't be more clear. Just know how appreciated you are for all you do And for the person you are 😘 we love you!


Thankyou much sweetness🤗🤗😘🤗🤗

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I knew you were having some trouble, but didn't realize it was that much trouble.😳
Just hope this HF20 progresses without a hitch to either witnesses or users!


Should, most everyone is already there, so hopefully will be a slick transition.

Thank you for your endless support in so many ways. Just hope this HF20 adventure will have a happy ending...


I try my man, and agreed, we'll find out soon enough!

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this was super fun :)

Excellent entry for the Cypher Jam, very cleverly worded there are quite a few messages in there if anyone takes the time to listen.

I was really pleased to see you get that block on 20.2, I'm not exactly a coding genius myself so I'm not really sure I was that much help - always happy to try if I can though! Let's just hope it has all been worth it and when the new features are enabled tomorrow we see the benefit from them.

#thealliance #witness


But you did share your knowledge and helped me out tremendously. I'll never forget that.

Glad you dig the jam ;)

You have gotten a vote courtesy of @enginewitty!
(@alliedforces is sponsored by @jatinhota & @enginewitty)
Have you voted your witnesses?

Blessings. So happy it all came together, Captain. You have true grit. 😊 ❤️
I saw this at a store.


Ha ha love it! Should be my motto😋🤗

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That sign is awesome!

Dope bars! Your flow certainly did justice to that beat. That voice surprised me tho. lol Also, great seeing your witness back on track. Steem-on!

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He he glad you dig it man😎

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Whoop whoop! I was stoked to see you come up blue running 20.2. Knew you'd get it. You got some words out, too. Sexy-smooth and a little scary... love it!


Ha ha thanks love was an uber frustrating week for me and heavy learning experience!🤗🤗😘🙄🤗

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omggg cool!! dope!!