HardFork 20 Ready! Witness Updated to v0.20.2

2년 전

I had issues compiling the first Hard Fork 20, v0.20.0. It wouldn't compile. It was odd. But no problem this time.

Funny thing is, first there was v0.20.1 that was released two days ago. I compiled that version without issue, and was replaying the blockchain yesterday. Then I checked the release page for Steem's github, and... well... there was a new version, v0.20.2 that was released 23 minutes ago at the time.

I had to cancel my replay and update to the newest version, as it was recommended. Plus the witness node hadn't started getting blocks yet, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

I compiled the new source for v0.20.2, and again no issue. After a few hours my witness server was back online and processing blocks again last evening. Wo0ot! I really don't understand what was wrong with v0.20.0, and neither could Steemit Inc. or others on github who tried to help me. Thanks everyone who tried to help :)

A big thank you to @thejohalfiles for voting for me as a witness today, as it raised my rank by 13 spots :) Wo0ot!

I also updated steemfeed-js from @someguy123. Thanks @someguy123 for the update and useful app :)

If anyone notices their price feed is listed in gray and not updating, it's because the top 19 witnesses have a consensus on HF20 being implemented, and the price feed format no longer works as it did. You need to change how SBD:STEEM pairs are input in your feed. @someguy123's nodejs app has it up to date.

Thank you for your support. Peace.

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Thank you for all you do!


You're welcome :)

That's what it takes to have a great team on a job. In less than 2 weeks, Steemit released 2 versions to sort out the issues (0.20.1 & 0.20.2). Thanks for the info, @krnel, you so deserve to be top witness. Thanks Steemit Inc, we are set for the next phase...

Steem bright with HF20 and beyond...

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You're welcome. I won';t be top 20 unless I do technical things for steem or make friends with lots of rich ppl or witnesses lol.


If it's for technical things, I could assist you. All you needs do is ASK. I program on a variety of languages but, I don't want to waste my time... Whenever I work, it should be relevant.

If you know anything technical I can do for Steemit, let me know and I'll perfect it and give you good response. I am a computer scientist. Rome wasn't built in a day and Facebook wasn't as it is today, when it began years back. A little patience and I'll work things out from my end here (thanks to free online repositories), all you needs do is monitor the project and give me feedback.

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Question, any idea regards to the top 20 agreeing to implement this? as bittrex wallets have been locked since the hf20 announcement, and only unlock after they do.
Any info greatly received.


Bitrrex needs to update their node to be HF20 as well I think. Poloniex was messing around with disabling things for a long time, even when the chain and wallet was fine... so they have BS excuses...

Congrats to successful upgrade. Pain in the behind - especially when double work...


Yeah, it sucked when the update was coming and I couldn't get the HF20 to work :/

  ·  2년 전

Good news!...:)...