[Hardfork 21] Good? or Bad?

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Look at STEEM price then judge our actions on Steem blockchain. Many say it doesn't deserve to be at this price! What do you think? does it?

I don't want to complain about the price or write some great words about Steem. I just want to write about the coming changes.

As a non-top 20 witness, I can't reject any hardfork. otherwise, I will not be an active witness after hardfork. So, I will run Steem v0.21 on my witness server to follow the hardfork #21.

We all know why we are here. In the first place, we are here for the money. Money comes from Steem and Steem is backed by STEEM token. As price gets lower, our rewards are shrinking.

Coming hardfork, technically, will not rise our rewards nor STEEM price. but, it will lower author rewards by 25%! Actually, rewards on the posts and comments will be displayed like before hf21. Just instead of 25% curation reward, 50% of post/comment rewards will go to curators.

Is it bad? Should authors get the same reward as curators? What do you think?


By the way, curation reward is not the only change.
(Also, curation time will be changed from 15 minutes to 1 minute and Reward API will be changed from linear curve to convergent linear curve)

Overall changes in HF21:

  • The SteemDAO/SPS or worker proposal system
  • EIP:
    • A convergent linear rewards curve
    • A separate downvote mana pool
    • Increasing the curation rewards to equal the author rewards


Good? / Bad?

Despite the good or bad changes, it is good to see a single change rather than staying in one position or worse, falling. We should move forward and use others experiences or try new things in our blockchain. Not moving, will harm all of us.



About the hardfork:

I think instead of jumping, we can walk the way. We are increasing curation rewards by 25% at once! I think changing a few percents per week or month is a better option in every scenario. Curation reward is just an example.

In hardfork #20 we also jumped at some points and the result was not good. Like changing SBD peg ratio! It took months for the blockchain and prices to get stable again.

All images source: pixabay.com

Thanks for voting me as a witness and thanks for reading, upvoting, and resteeming my posts.
Thanks for all your support. 💜

You may want to vote mahdiyari as a witness by Steemconnect or Steemit (both are secure enough)

Also, I think it's Canada day!
Happy Canada Day to Canadians!


Have a great life,
Your witness ;)

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Thanks for your input!

I love this part 👍

it is good to see a single change rather than staying in one position or worse, falling.

Fingers crossed as we await result of the new changes that will be made.

Still where in beta and experiment continue... SMT is still the ground breaking in my opinion.

I don't mind the 50% shares between the Authors and Curators, they both bring value to the community. Actually curators help promote the authors articles, in return increase of rewards. Both wins.

Imagine you're an Authors and no one curate on your articles. Will you be happy, I guess not.

Let's continue to move forward for a better future.


Wow. I think dropping author rewards is terrible. The authors do all the hard work. What work is one click versus those clicking them? The whales get more of the rewards now with their huge accounts and everyone else loses. It's not equitable for the community and the masses, nor for new people, nor for authors. Those huge accounts that suck up all the rewards sue their massive voting power have thousands of people follow them also & vote on them due their size. So this is just like a massive tax break for the rich at same time a massive tax rise on the poor writers. Terrible x 10,000. Obviously this was a plan by the top 2 guys.

We need a revolution against the 1%. How does this possibly benefit the Steem community?? It doesn't not in any way. It only makes the top 20-50 richer at all our expense. Bullsht if you ask me.

You made Steemauto. I need a bot made. Can we talk about it in PM on telegram or elsewhere?


Why can i not log out of Steemfollower?