Quick witness update

4개월 전

I updated both my witness and seed nodes to version 0.21.0 (no-mira)
both nodes are running well

I'm #73 in the witness ranking with 8 missed block in total and I still have time to maintain my nodes
Also, Steemauto is still running well!

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Thanks for the update, and for keeping SteemFollower and SteemAuto running. I thought you were going to eventually disappear and let these valuable services go down naturally. Hopefully, you will post more here (as you had in the past) so we can upvote you, AND continue to keep these sites running as long as Steem continues to have value. I must say I am concerned about the long-term value of Steem at this point (with it down to ~ $0.17, but am keeping an open mind and using the platform as the social media service it is intended to be...


Thanks for your support

Hi, I have a question about a Steemauto issue. I've had @gardeningchannel on my autovote list for a while now and I've noticed that the account never seems to get the vote. Any ideas why?

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