Fair-weather witnesses and an update

3년 전

Hi all my beautiful flowers,

It's been a while since my last update, but I have reasons.

Some of you may know that recently I've had my share of medical dramas, with falling over at work and then being on limited duties meant no more typing for me for almost a f/nite. Although I have managed to play a lot of fortnite 😁

PS if you play fortnite and are on Oceania servers then Hmu same name there as here.

So our witness is now currently ranked (full) 122 which is a great effort and many many thanks to all our supporters.

Currently our delegations are:

Delegatee Steem Power VESTS
@teamgood 501.631 SP 1,011,144.436159 VESTS
@canna-curate 409.089 SP 824,605.708258 VESTS
@helpie 50.110 SP 101,006.773038 VESTS
@co-in 30.086 SP 60,644.144538 VESTS
@ivoted 25.087 SP 50,567.998785 VESTS
@birthdayboost 15.084 SP 30,405.302728 VESTS

We are currently running the latest steemd and have successfully kept our server current with only 1 missed block since our inception.

I urge all witness voters regardless of who you vote for to keep up to date with your votes.

It seems (I won't mention names) but I've noticed several witnesses that have professed their commitment to the blockchain, but when things get tough, well they get going.

Don't take my word for it go check out the. Inactive witnesses and see if your vote is being wasted.

Till next

Lots of love


Yours forever in the blockchain.


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Fair Weather or Foul....
...got my vote for quite some time, now!


thanks @bluefinstudios you are the best <3


well... I don't like to brag, but... I know!


i know .. it is truly hard to be humble when you're as great as you are eh

Team Good Alpaca loves this post! Nomnomnomnom!
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@sapphic you and @underground will always have my Witness vote because you do so much for people, and give so much without ever once asking for anything back - you both deserve a great deal more recognition then you get.

Also @sapphic as a Witness you are exceptionally good at what I consider being essential of a Witness - keeping the Steemd software updated to the latest version. It really annoys me to look through https://steemian.info/witnesses Witness list and see so many still running older versions, there are positions 40 and 43 running 20.5 3 weeks after 20.6 was released? That's more than enough time to update, and part of the problem is simply we have no mechanism in place to stop block production after a period of time - people don't update because they can still earn on the old software. But that makes me question what values they bring to Steem Blockchain - and why people keep supporting them with votes when obviously they have little regard to move it forward.

I'm preaching to the converted of course, I would love to see you move much higher and achieve your goals - well just cover your costs, that would be a start.

#thealliance #witness


Hi @c0ff33a thank you so much for the kind words.

Sadly our position at #123 was fleeting, such is the ebb and flow of my lovely witness voters Sp sometimes, it was great while it lasted and I'll make something with the hay the grew during the sunshine.

Hope you have a fantastic day and thank you so much for all the lovely support you give both to our witness and to me as well.

Muwah ❤️❤️


get better soon :)

<3 In Sapphic and Blockchain I trust

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