Updated to 0.20.4 and synced to the chain, awaiting next block

3년 전

Hi everyone,

Just going to burn a few RC's to post an quick witness update, earlier today whilst chilling in the #witness channel on steem.chat, the word got dropped that a patch was in the works, a quick check of github and sure enough there was v0.20.4

I quickly updated my repo and complied and built v0.20.4, did some quick server maintenance, rebooted the server and began the replay to reindex the block_log.

We have now finished replay and now patched to v0.20.4 and synced.

Here is the key part from the steemit post

Based on our analysis, we believe the best path forward is to issue a series of patches tonight, the most significant of which will multiply the resource budgets by 10x. This should guarantee that users will be able to do around 10 times as many operations on the blockchain over the course of 5 days than they are able to now, although this could vary depending on the types of operations.

Anyways this patch ironically named "Continuity" is probably the first of a few we will get over the next 24 hours, so if you see any bleary eyed, sleep ravaged witnesses ambling around mindlessly, direct them to a chair and get them a cool drink and a pillow.

till the next long night of the knives

yours <3

forever in the blockchain



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Get to work steem nerds. Did you all forget?

I don't know what all of that means, but it looks good ;)


it's means hopefully back to normal quicker. :)

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