What have you done for me lately? - A Witness Update and introducing blockcast.pw an advanced content search tool for steemd blockchain

3년 전

Ooh ooh ooh yeah

Ahhh Janet Jackson, whatever became of her?

Good Morning my fellow devotees of the blockchain, well here we are almost 24 hours away from HF20....v2 :) and I have bought much popcorn.

© Sony (1985)

So what can I say that hasn't been said before about the "hiccup" last week...I hope you all took advantage of the downtime to to catch some sun, I was in the #witness channel (of course) of steem.chat and disabling my witness, as the blockchain, started to falter and halt. (I got great timing)

© Sony (2016)

Four hours later, There was a plan albeit not much knowledge floating about, but a plan. several hours of replay later and I was up and running on 19.12.0 a patched config.ini and a wing and a prayer, and feeling good.

Of course this was not a time to relax as we then had 0.20.1 to turn to, which is fine, let's do another replay and go from there. Only to wake up Saturday morning (my time in Australia) to 0.20.2 thank goodness that update was done and dusted in 10 minutes.

So from our witness perspective we are ready for HF20, I've even taken a day of work to be ready for this HF event, as I said before...
"I EVEN HAVE MY POPCORN"...Lets hope I don't have to eat any, and things go smoothly.

blockcast.pw search the chain


Advanced content search tool for steemd blockchain

So Sapph, what is this?

blockcast.pw is an advanced content search tool, forked from Julián González's Custom Feed, you can find more info about the original project here, which has been modified and is currently hosted by @sapphic witness, this is version 1.0 and have an upgrade path we are developing to give this tool more bite then it has now, the next update will make it prettier and incorporate Steemconnect so you can comment and vote on your search results.

With blockcast.pw, you can enter a variety of search options for curation purposes, searching either by:

tags for trending, hot and created
author for feed, blog and votes

You then enter your search parameters that you require.

Then choose your favourite UI interface for viewing your results.

One you have your search results you can click away and read only what you have searched for, you can also bookmark the page that will save your search parameters for you, allowing you to use the bookmark to refresh your search with new content.

That's it in a nutshell, many thanks to @jga for their initial work on customfeed, that this project is forked from.

once again if you like anything we do you, and want to support our witness, please consider voting for us, via the Sunset Banner Below

Advanced content search tool for steemd blockchain

blockcast.pw search the chain


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It all kicks off as I finish work tomorrow, so I'll just be enjoying it through the evening!

You can keep the !popcorn , I'm on the Donuts

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