2500 Witness Vote Milestone!!! 2,500SP delegation to kick off msp-curation.

10개월 전

BOOM! Steem is gonna moon even before SMTs and Communities, and I just received my 2500th witness vote!! It's a good fucking day.

I couldn't be happier than to be building the Steem ecosystem! We'll start the new year at $5/steem and we'll end it past $50. These things are exponential. We added an exchange thanks in large part to @clayop and @slowwalker building the Korean community. It's spiking the price. We're going to see a rise in content creators and many will want to purchase steem. It's going to continue increasing in price and as it increases in price more people are going to come in. Like all cryptos we'll have our dips, but I think our price rut at $0.8-1.1 is over for a long while. I think we're in the next expansion round. So, for god's sake hodl!

You're in the right spot.

You see the kitty story on @steemitblog? Ethereum is over there talking shit about EOS (he made a joke of EOS being Eth 2.0), but who is laughing now? They hit peak transactions. They're sitting on 21k unprocessed transactions... how the fuck are you gonna tokenize the internet if you can't handle a few thousand kitty contracts?

Steem can handle orders of magnitude more transactions per second than eth can. You want an internet worth of transactions? You want them processed in 3 seconds? Then I got a coin for you my friend.

@stan recently made a post about how all these devs are dying to make bitcoin apps cause the price is so hawt right now, but they can process 7 tx per second. SEVEN!!! That's it. People are gonna figure out that Steem Dollars and Steem can do the same shit as bitcoin now and the same as eth in about 3 months, but we can do it more, faster, better, and with names instead of 253245lk43jh234k5jhlasdfahsj234 as your account number

You're in the right coin. Just fucking HODL and laugh your ass off a year from now! I didn't know what this place really offered when I started, but I'm so glad I came here!

A funny start to my Steem journey

Frankly, I had no idea what I signed up for 1.5 years ago when I joined here. All I knew is that I was sick and tired of Facebook booting my account because I was a political activist who didn't like what the government was doing. They didn't just do it once. They kicked me off five times after I kept rebuilding an account up to 2k followers. It was that fifth time when I read about Steem and I jumped ship.

I believe in the power of Steem to spread Peace, Abundance, and Liberty

In the entire time I've been here I haven't powered down. You're gonna have claw my steem power from my cold dead hands. This place is incredible. You can create abundance at a click, this place teaches peace because negative behavior has negative consequences, and it supports free speech with a reasonable amount of input from the community to shut some people up.

The world is so broken from war, poverty, and a giant spy net, but Steem stands as a counter vision against that. This is how we can have nice things without constant war, scarcity, or taxation at every step.

If the USG were a coin...

If usacoin becomes a thing it's gonna have a 40% transaction cost. It's gonna be slow as shit. It's gonna be used nearly entirely to fund a military budget. It's gonna be loaded with a debt it can't pay. It's gonna have a million ID restrictions. I could go on...

Steem is the next evolution. Write, Post, Earn. Be free. Where else can you find that?!?

Stay the Course!

Spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty. Help grow the platform. Help train and retain minnows on the platform.

My next short term project is to empower some Minnow Support Project curators to help get minnows off the ground: https://steemit.com/minnowsupportproject/@minnowsupport/the-minnow-support-project-proudly-announces-our-newest-curation-effort-msp-curation.

Tomorrow morning I'll delegate 2,500 SP (get it 2,500 witness votes so 2500 SP) to @msp-curation, and hopefully by the end of December I'll be up to 10k!

A HUUUUGGGGEEEE shout out to my Witness backers

Love to my MSP Digital Homestead Family!

I love the Minnow Support Project. It's the pride of my life. I try to do right by you guys every day. Thanks for being on this journey with me!

Managing Witnesses: @ausbitbank, @followbtcnews, @netuoso, @teamsteem, @drakos, @neoxian, @someguy123

Delegating witnesses: @timcliff, @thecryptodrive, @lukestokes, @jerrybanfield

Honorary Witnesses: @theprohet0, @canadian-coconut

Sr. Moderators: @swelker101, @r0nd0n, @discordiant, @crimsonclad,

Moderators: @isaria, @kubbyelizabeth, @stitchybitch, @juliakponsford, @ma1neevent

Jr. Moderators: @clayboyn, @rougebot

Special Thanks to @globocop and the entire mspwaves team!!! This is one of my favorite parts of MSP. Thanks for helping to run and manage it on the daily, and I'm looking forward to the SMT ICO!

Love to the folks I delegate to!

Account M Vesting Shares
@lovejuice 30.825
@msp-lovebot 18.542
@msp-waves 14.388
@msp-bidbot 10.265
@msp-mods 4.117
@avesa 3.079
@msp-music 2.102
@mikepm74 2.061
@msp-venezuela 2.059
@dbzfan4awhile 2.052
@msp-curation 2.051
@msp-creativebot 1.753
@isaria 1.233
@msp-shanehug 1.033
@yusaymon 1.028
@msp-africa 1.0
@sammosk 0.721
@geke 0.721
@rodeo670 0.607
@eurogee 0.515
@smyle 0.515
@rhondak 0.515
@jasonbu 0.515
@morodiene 0.515
@bmj 0.515
@uniwhisp 0.515
@msp-canada 0.515
@mrsquiggle 0.515
@topkpop 0.515
@vachemorte 0.514
@outtayourbox 0.514
@torico 0.514
@sunravelme 0.514
@buckydurddle 0.513
@stickchumpion 0.513
@biasnarrative 0.513
@staceyjean 0.513
@minnowsupport 0.512
@thekittygirl 0.505
@simgirl 0.505
@em3 0.42
@jesse2you 0.413
@juliakponsford 0.412
@msp-turkey 0.309
@muxxybot 0.206
@dogeking 0.206
@andrewgenaille 0.206
@himshweta 0.206
@isohero 0.206
@arbitrarykitten 0.206
@lordmok 0.206
@mooncryption 0.206
@runicar 0.206
@prime-cleric 0.206
@freezepeach 0.206
@sft 0.206
@crimsonclad 0.206
@stitchybitch 0.206
@discordiant 0.206
@followbtcnews 0.206
@gmuxx 0.206
@r0nd0n 0.206

Anyway, today is pretty amazing all around and thanks for your support!

Be sure to check out the Steem Panel Discussion happening on Saturday at 11 am EST (1600 UTC) in PALnet. Should be fun. Some big names in there!

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You've rocked me hard with this awesome post!

I bet working to build a better world through Steem feels infinitely more rewarding than through a Facebook group!

This Steem panel discussion should be a lot of fun! Don't miss it out guys! 6 top witnesses and probably even more with those in the chat!

STEEM Panel Discussion Next Saturday, Dec 9, at 11am EST (1600 UTC) // @jesta, @timcliff, @blocktrades, @pharesim, @lukestokes, @elear, @andrarchy


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Congrats! Loved your radio sesh the other night and I learned a ton. Keep up the good work!


Glad it helped!

Congratulations dude.
What a great milestone, well deserved for the philanthropy and dedication.

Congratz on getting so many votes!

how the fuck are you gonna tokenize the internet if you can't handle a few thousand kitty contracts?


Gratz on your achevments buddy your hardwork is really paying off! ;)

You were the first Steemian to delegate to me when I just started out on STEEM, when I won one of your contests :)

It was a thrilling experience, and might have even pushed me on to keep writing, blogging, and hodling.

I've made over a thousand dollars since you did that. Steem is the place to be. I hope thousands more new members join Steem, and after they do that, join the MSP!

All the best bro !

@aggroed Congrats!!! I must say your post lately have been a really good read. I truly appreciate all your work and contribution; especially given the fact that your a busy person. I have (found)always learn something from your post. I'm here for the long run, and the future of Steemit really makes me excited. Great investment all around. You made a great point.." negative consequences..."..bottom line, LET'S STAY POSITIVE!!!
I see it too! ... Steem can do the same shit as bitcoin. Is just a matter of time. I'm holding :) Thanx again and best wishes always. - @splendorhub




wow. great creativity. super gif. first time i see such unique gif. well done.


Thank you :)


good reply and great gif. very interesting.


Nice GIF ! Love it... xD


Man, that's amazing. God know show many hours that took to build...


Probably weeks ;)

Love the whole steemit.com thing with MSP as it's community leader
Have a great time @aggroed
Thanks for all the effort you are putting to get steemit.com moving!

wonderful blog-post! Really enjoy your content.

Huzzah! Congrats on hitting 2500! You've certainly earned it through your tireless efforts to improve the lives of users here. I hope I can end up there sooner rather than later, but I'm looking to people like you, @drakos, @timcliff, and @lukestokes for cues on what to do and how to act.

Keep up the awesome work, man. And let's HODL TO THE MOON!

Congratulations, so many votes and so well deserved:-) Thanks for all work you do, it means a lot to many of us.

OMG !Congratulations @aggroed !! im glad to have always voted for you as witness , its a great day indeed filled with Fantastic Positive vibes your sharing about the near future of Steemit !! Im definitely going to HODL NOW !! Thanks for all that you do , its much appreciated my friend !! Never stop being you , and Keep up the the great work your doing !! STEEM ON !!Upped and Resteemed !!!👍👍👍

Love, hugs, and congratulations, my friend! You're a huge inspiration to me. Every day, I hope the Writers' Block is living proof of what can grow from the vision you have for MSP. Today is pretty amazing all around. I'm so glad you were one of the first people I met and came to know in the greater Steemit community. :-)


Right back atcha babe! Thanks for the support and I'm looking forward to this fueling the first Steem based Publishing House. Lemme know how I can help!


I get chills just thinking about what's ahead of us. To the moon!

Steem is better aß Facebook!

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What you get is what you give.

Congrats upon the achievement on the witness Vote :)
I am indeed loving the pump on the steem price and as well as SBD.I also do love to be a part of the community which i entered as well through Fb though .I was kind of wondering along and wanting a change from fb.Luckily i got Steemit :)
And i do really hope we get a very good start the next year ;)

congrats on this.... looking forward to seeing what comes of all of this.....

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@aggroed Peace, Abundance, and Liberty brother!

keep up the good work

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Great to see you on DTube and really embracing the decentralized ecosystem! Hope you keep it up!

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I'm so glad you are on Steemit. It gives me a very good feeling that you and others like you are so enthusiastic about Steemit. I joined in November 2016 because of my son @exyle who was also a 'true believer'. He still is of course, and so am I. We like to write, never powered down, but invest and support Steemit as much as we can. I only write (posts and comments), but he, and his pals, together they are @blockbrothers, are also a witness now and developed a great app, Steemify.
So reading your post early this morning, made my day already a good day. Thank you and please, keep on Steeming.

Congratulations... you are doing great things here and I hope that Steem will help millions in the years to come.

Congrats Pepe Le Prime!

Congrats! We, @blockbrothers, just started our own witness and I can see that’s it’s not easy to reach such a milestone as 2500 votes. Well done and much respect!

I honestly didn't really understand most of this post (first week) but the first half was super entertaining. I'm waiting until my payday on Friday before I invest in Steem so I'm hoping the price doesn't go bananas before then... I've been really extremely happy with my time at Steem so far... Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have never been my cup of tea, and literally no one uses blogger anymore, so I finally feel like I've found a home.

Don't know what a witness is, but you're a pretty entertaining dude.


bitcoin has miners to build the block. Steem has witnesses. They are elected. steemit.com/~witnesses. Find the people you think help grow the platform teh most and upvote them.


Ah, thanks man. I had to do a bit of Googling around to figure out what a witness actually does but I think I'm good now. I didn't realise I had a vote. I've voted for you because you seem cool and not because I didn't recognize a single other name there.

Wow man, this is amazing, I voted for you as a witness long time ago, you were one of my firsts witness voted, keep it up and STEEM to the moon

Congratulations Friend

This post has received a 31.25 % upvote from @lovejuice thanks to: @aggroed. They love you, so does Aggroed. Please be sure to vote for Witnesses at https://steemit.com/~witnesses.

This is an inspirational post. I am just 5 months old. Whenever I get little depressed that my steem growth is slow and posts not getting enough votes and rewards, your posts like this will make me to realise how much you have struggled since 1.5 years? And your posts recharge new minnows like me. Thank you very much. 2500th witness vote... not a joke. As you said steem is going to grow very large. I am on a correct platform.

I am waiting for the Panel Discussion going to happening on Saturday.

Congratulations! What a testament to your dedication your list of delegates is. Keep pouring peace abundantly into the coffers of liberty =D

Awsome blog....like it

I still don't even know the difference between a STEEM and an SBD!

Tree Hugger....jpg

Congrats mate! Seeing $2 Steem definitely boosts my commitment.

I still dont know what a witness exactly means, whats their specific role, but i will surely research about it. Anyway congrats for hitting the 2500 votes, that means a lot of steemians really support you.

Congratulations on so many witness votes!! People like you make this platform really great and I'm so happy to form part of the community :D


thanks Cob!

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yeah it's pretty mind blowing what's happening on Steemit. What do you think of the high SBD price? Btw, you might like my new post being a Transformers man :) Keep up the good work @aggroed https://steemit.com/art/@jameshsmitharts/skull-leader-vf-1s-valkyrie-in-battron-battloid-mode-anime-mecha-fan-art-and-blog

I have no idea how this PALnet works but sure look like a lot of rich steemians here. I do not even know how to work through the chats on PAL discord. Signed up currently lost.

It is good to know know that there are people working we minnows to have a pleasant experience on the platform. Your experience is an invaluable lesson for me to learn. I came here for the money, just discovering steemit is much more than a few quids. I will be sticking around definitely

Thank you for this post! I started the steemit journey about a month ago! and tbh i still dont really know what it is for me, but i would like to share whatever music or personal opinions here on Steemit. This post gives me some hope for the future. I liked how you mentioned that this place discourages negative behaviour just cause it will lead to negative responses. I think it is quite a sincere platform for people to share their knowledge, thoughts, art etc. Looking forward to learn more and also about the Minnow Support project, which i am still alittle confused about. Will read more about it. See you around!

Totally agree its so nice to finally be behind a part of blockchain with a backbone and a promising future. Good Job!!!!

How awesome is that? Well done dude, much deserved for the great community you have built.

Fabebook who?


yeah, fuck those guys!

Love your work and Confidence

Yes, Soon the Crypto Community will wake-up to the power of Steem

Apart from HODL Id' suggest "Keep Posting"

You also mentioned SBD will rise too

WE all have been conditioned here to believe SBD's true Value is close to $1

Has anything changed?

Paylasiminiz cok fazla katılımcı içeriyor. Amacinizin dışına sapmaniza neden olmuş. Ama yinede çok güzel bir paylasim. Ilginize tesekkur ederim. Turkish

Informative, I'm new and still don't get a lot of this stuff about witness and delegation but this post definitely shed some light.

"Spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty."


This has really helped me clarify why I need to shift my perspective and contribute a little more to this platform. Thankyou!

This is really awesome and amazing. Your blog as to steem helps a lot of steemits. This is really informative and needed post for us new beginners. Thank you very much and we hope and pray that your idea as to steem will get positive response. Again thank you so much you this really is a big help to boost our confidence and emotions.

As soon as my last round of delegation is over in a couple days I want to delegate some sp to this project!


That would be amazing!!!

nice post am def gonna attend the steem panel on saturday

nice post am def gonna attend the steem panel on saturday

Woah yo, Steem is going to Mars $.$

Congratulations on 2,500 witness votes. Just keep on, keeping on!

Best wishes and good luck sir :)

Congrats in your achievements @aggroed

Congratulations @aggroed!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 1 with 844 upvotes
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Tebrikler @aggroed . Ztwn senin paylasimlarin herzaman karsima cikiyor.bu da nkadar seviyeli ve kaliteli iş yaptigini gosteriyor. Gecen gun @bahadirk ve @ebruaydogdu ile ayni benzer konuda konuşmuştuk.bu da ustune denk geldi.
Basarilarinin devamini dilerim.
Yakinen takipteyim guzel paylasimli nice gunlere

Amazing post!

Congrats for the achievement. Enjoy the day.

I hope for the future to be better for me


Nice post my friend.

I like your posts friend @aggroed. I hope we can help in this steemit.

Please support my friends !!!
Let's look my post https://steemit.com/photo/@abelanar11/first-day-of-winter-2017127t143513500z


hello @aggroed i think this post is very useful for people who like to read, a lot of information that gives motivation especially for me personally who just knew steemit. even i like to imitate your writing style. I have voted and followed your blog and I like it friend

my blog @bangmimi