Consensus Witness Again! Phew!

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I didn't have any tears when I lost the Pumpkin vote. But I had some when I got to be back in the top 20. I'm a big softy. That said, this is my home and I spend the vast majority of every day 7 days a week doing things to support and grow this community and ecosystem. So, it hurt when someone that significant dropped my witness, but it's a million times better to see people all over the world come out and support me! I'm so thankful!

I love the work I do and this let's me do it.

I quit my job to work on Steem full time. Being a top 20 witness right now doesn't provide a ton of income, but it provides enough safety net that I don't have work a 40 hour a week fiat job I hate. Thanks for a boost back into the top 20 so I can continue to grow the Minnow Support Project, MSP-Waves, Steem Monsters and now Steem Engine too.

It came from all over!

USA, Europe, and Korea for the win!

Thanks to people all over this planet that came to help me get back to being a consensus witness. In some ways this made my witness stronger than ever. I'm the only top 20 that doesn't have a vote from @blocktrades or @pumpkin. Makes me feel like "the people's champion." Many people have stated that the top 20 is completely controlled by the two biggest actively voting stakeholders on the chain. I'm proof for now that it isn't entirely true. It's kinda amazing to have achieved this level of support. All it took was working 7 days a week on this blockchain for close to 2 years! That's all you gotta do :)

Back on the mission!

Spread the Values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty
Train and retain new members on the platform
Bring to life new tools to grow the Steem ecosytem

With love,

Witness 18

Special thanks to: @byubat, @transisto, @delegate.lafona, @acidyo, and @drorion for coming through with some new extra large votes to put me back in.

I'm grateful to the smaller accounts for sure too. This was a team effort: @djynn, @sinner264, @jaydih, @karenb54, @tarazkp. @abh12345, @twinpapa, @coolbowser, @paulag, @caladan, @dune69, @ew-and-patterns, @ericet, @geekgirl, @whatsup, and @valth.

As always thanks to the 9000+ people that for for me and here's just a few more that let me do my job:

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Can you smellelleellalala ...what... aggroed... is cooking!!!


Both cnstm and WhereIn support you,Come on!

来自于WhereIn Android

Welcome back!!
I am a minnow, but you have my vote!!!

It seems impossible to become a witness without his vote! You demonstrated that it can be done 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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This is awesome! "The peoples witness!"

I’m happy for you! You work hard for steem community, you deserve it!

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Congrats. As I said, in kr you and yabapmatt is much more popular than someone we all know :) but I still feel a bit sorry about jesta. There are so many good witnesses.

These days all 20 positions are quite dense, so despite freedom, at least one good thing is real user's votes also matter. Thanks and keep up the good work! I've also just voted for you.

Slowly but surly everything is becoming decentralised and that can only make steem/steemit stronger

We support ya :) Liked/resteemed.

awesome to read this man. and congrats for being back where you deserve to be!

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I am all about The Peoples Witness. Fantastic getting back in the TOP 20 @aggroed

I had no doubt you would go back up. Only question was how fast. Congrats!

Congratulations on the climb back in. Now all we need are 3 more witnesses for the people then the company people can not ram changes through.

In some ways this made my witness stronger than ever. I'm the only top 20 that doesn't have a vote from @blocktrades or @pumpkin. Makes me feel like "the people's champion."

In many ways, you really are one of the few top witnesses that seems to actually listen to people's comments here on Steem before taking action on a proposal. That alone would make you a champion for normal users of the platform. Now that you're in the Top 20 without the two big whale's votes, that just validates this!

Keep up the great work! People like you are why Steem is still the great place it is!

I support your core values and I think that someone this passionate must be gold for this chain.
I am actually trying to achieve a similar goal. Not to live just from steem earnings alone, but being able to support my family just with my trading hobby and crypto holdings and quitting my 9to5 is my biggest goal.

Congrats and keep the spirit.

Nice work. Keep it up. Goes to show what a little push can do. You do good work for the block 😊. Thanks for the shout out

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I really wanted you to keep up the work with steem-engine! 😁👍

!gif Victiry

Welcome to home

Grats, man! You are now the people's candidate :)

Welcome back!
You quit your job to work on Steem full time?

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Good to see you back in the top 20. You have my vote long ago. Small stakeholders such as myself might not affect rankings that much, but as you said it is a team effort.

I'm the only top 20 that doesn't have a vote from @blocktrades or @pumpkin. Makes me feel like "the people's champion.”

And that my an achievement of what this community can achieve when people believe someone is doing their job exactly the way they are supposed to...just saying.


You got @sweetsssj ? So jealous. 😂

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I knew it wouldn't take long, congratulations.. At least in the drama some awareness has been raised in regards to the pseudo democracy that's driving people away.. Don't allow the elation to become complacency, this power play isn't a good look for steem.

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always thank you for working for steemit.