Trying to stay as a Consensus Witness without the @blocktrades or @pumpkin votes

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There seems to be some jostling of Witness votes happening right now. Apparently, a witness dropping from 1 to 21 is newsworthy enough re:witnesses to get people to revisit their lists.

It's pretty amazing to be in the consensus witness list without those two votes. Literally everyone else in there has one of them but me. The amount of support for me broadly in the community is nothing short of epic! It's a little terrifying to be sitting at the low end of the consensus witness range again. Oh well, this community knows how to make things exciting!

Anyway, getting back to work on, and Stars Align stuff. That said I'm still a little too close for comfort to getting booted out of being a consensus witness still. So, I'm still trying to rally another sizable whale vote or two to secure my position enough where I don't have worry about it all day.

If you don't vote my witness, but think that the projects and communities I help build increase the value of your stake please consider voting for me.

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I been tracking the the block votes on the witness list since I joined, and determined after seeing the top 20 all were supported by the essentially the same 6 whales to get there. That there would no reason foe me to ever host a node, (except for testing) because of it.....

You have now proved it possible that the community can really have an affect.

I have told all the Steeminati to vote for you.

And now I will revisit the notion of hosting a ful node....

Thank you for all the good works, And like us I root for your financial success on the Blockchain, because your doing it right!






well , a note to @blocktrades, why not support this witness who is showing the whole community where we can go next, i am deeply dissapointed. can't vote more than once on @aggroed but can withdraw my vote for @blocktrades

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Just did the same, for whatever it's worth.
Who is getting that vote from you now?


i gave it to @stoodkev, for whatever it's worth indeed

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Putting my vote there too then!

i think i can find another 2500sp vote for you ;)

Just voted on you when knew what happened, in my view you are doing a good job. So i hope my nearly 9000SP helps.

I know it's terrifying...but It should not be terrifying....if STEEM is going to have a chance THIS HAS TO HAPPEN. 2 voters CANNOT control the entire space....I expect this type of movement to continue going forward. Lead the Charge


And now those two don't... he's in the top 20 without them. Personally I think that's awesome.


THAT is my point. THIS IS AWESOME! A change in the wind I must say...

You will always have my vote and support @aggroed , You should put a direct link at the bottom of your post for people to go to and vote for you as witness It truly is EPIC How much you moved up without those big votes and shows how much you are supported in this awesome community! Remember this is all while there is not much activity here on Steemit right now!! Keep up the great work, and those votes will keep coming in!
Upped and resteemed

Dear @ned

Please vote for @aggroed as witness. Thanks and God bless you.



While that's a nice thought, it would actually cause quite the kerfuffle. It's possible @ned is @freedom, and nobody has affirmed who @freedom is to my knowledge. However @ned's stake isn't known to be presently voting witnesses AFAIK, and since he could singlehandedly choose the top witnesses, most folks appreciate that. At least, since HF9.

I'm worried because those votes are likely removed for a reason, and knowing that @aggroed it's doing a great job in here it's suspicious that attitude against him. Looks like you have pissed off someone very important.


I don't think he's pissed anyone off. Pumpkin vote did something similar with GTG if i'm not mistaken. I think he just frees up his vote from a person in the top position knowing they'll still be in the top 20 anyway. Then he gets to help someone else. Pretty smart in my opinion. Aggroed is still in top 20 ... he wasn't for a few hours but now he is. If anything it was a really really great move as it gave much more awareness to the voting system and that's the way to release his centralization of power by getting more people involved and now there's a witness that is there without pumpkins vote that means we're going in the right direction.


It's possible, but I'm just reading tea leaves. I've never had any direct interaction with Freedom.

The only thing i can think is that right before he changed his vote I said nice things about Steemit. maybe he's pissed he went from the $12M miner to the $3M miner and thinks steemit is entirely to blame.

But I don't know. it's reading tea leaves and guesswork.

There aren't that many people "I've pissed off" here. Certainly plenty disagree with me on stuff, and for sure there are some that are pissed at me, but... I've done a lot of stuff to help a lot of people. I think that adds up over time.


The great news is all the support and recognition you have from the community, you know now that when you help so many people as you did they return you the favour when it's needed, my statement was an assumption of course.

I hope that you keep being top20 witness without more inconvenients.


@jarvie said:

If anything it was a really really great move as it gave much more awareness to the voting system and that's the way to release his centralization of power...

Yep! I agree! that sounds pretty reasonable. 👌

@aggroed said:

I've never had any direct interaction with Freedom.

Elemental my friend! of course 'that' has a lot to do with what happened.

There aren't that many people "I've pissed off" here.

Oh yes mate, you did it. Specifically when you didn't read nor upvoted, nor commented a single word on what 'he' posted and said here. };)


I've never had any direct interaction with Freedom

Holy cow. I do not know much about you witness guys, but at least I thought you knew each other.

This is the reason I am working hard on twitter these days to try to get new people and new money in to steem. The concentration of power at the top is the worst part of the whole place for me and I love it here. I only want steem to succeed and I work with little people like me to do our best to make this place grow. I almost never see or hear from any of you big guys and when I do the news is usually bad.

@taskmaster4040 has been posting recently about the "Change In Steem Distribution Levels" showing a bit of trickle down and growth at lower levels. Please let this trend continue and expand.

And maybe this new whale @ben will be good for the place. I hope so.

The one and only reason I voted for you as witness, @aggroed is because my son @bxlphabet met you or knew you from the monster game. He actually asked me how to vote for a witness so he could vote for you so I did the same. He talked about how nice and helpful you were often back then. Other than that, I do not think I have run across you here. I'm not in monsters so I don;t see what you do there.

But now if this unknown freedom (ha!) person took away his vote away from you - I am 100% on your team and go you! I hope freedom takes his vote away from everyone so we can really see what's up.


Holy cow. I do not know much about you witness guys, but at least I thought you knew each other.

As far as I know nobody has ever had any direct interaction with @freedom (and if anybody had, he didn't write a word about it).


Nice. Glad we are in his cave then.


"... I've done a lot of stuff to help a lot of people. I think that adds up over time."

Can confirm.


Well done PALnet,Steem Monsters,steem-engine! Votes cast. Good luck...

We've been away for a little while dealing with the hardships of rl's struggles but we are still here. You've got our vote without ever the need to ask. I just need someone to kindly remind me how to punch the ballot and hand it in ^ ^

Ahhh, the not-so-decentralized part of the blockchain. Politics gets into everything.

i'm glad there is activity on steemit twitter ... finally done with the zero communication bullshit !

yes !!!!!

I have seen you on PAL network and found you quite busy all the time ..I still have few left and you gonna be there soon...

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You are a giant here, see the number touching his thumb.

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He is now witness #18. Good job steem community!

Glad to know you're back up there!
Apparently the community outside the whales still has some power...

Thanks for what you do for the blockchain, you know it's a whole lot.

I am pretty amazed that the people on top are willing to do that bologna with the two whale votes. It's super immoral to manipulate the entire witness list with two accounts like that.

They could at least be more subtle.

Hi, @aggroed!

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You already had my vote for all of the good things that you have been a part of on the chain. It's great to see that other people are recognising that fact too and rowing in behind an individual who has done so much on our behalf. Keep on rising back to the top.

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It worries me that so few people have such a sway over the witness rankings.

Did freedom also remove the vote from @gtg?

I'm glad yr still in the top 20. Well earned if you ask me!

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Not that my vote counts for alot but i added you to my list as i have a few spots open ;)

You are #18. Must be super dicey going in and out.