Beautiful Content - A New Approach

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Dear Steemians,

To achieve beautiful publication on Steem, there are two components. One is the editor and we are currently developing Journal editor at with about 30 professional writers and amateur scientists and planning to release the editing utility within a month or two. The editor is not tied up with any service but it is designed to submit its content to "Channels" and we believe that "Steemit" could be a great channel in this sense. The second component is the channel that can present the content as beautifully.

We recently published articles by A. Einstein. Here is one of those.

Here is an example article written with the journal (published to a internal channel): On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies

Here is the Journal Editor:

The content contains mathematical equations and other rich formats, all resulting in pure HTML, SVG content without Javascript. This type of content does not risk security of any kind yet Steemit does not support this type of content due to tight coupling with Markdown.

The biggest hurdle is that the blockchain saves the content in Markdown only so that there is a strict limit writers can express. Take a look at the above article and click "A" icon on the top, you can view the beautiful content with your favorite theme like "Dark". This is thanks to all the modern browser technologies and we want to enhance the Steem accordingly.

This requires the following changes

  • Steem allows pure HTML content without Javascript in the block in addition to Markdown.

We would like to co-operate with other witnesses to push this effort if others are also interested. We do not know what would be the best service from Steem blockchain but we believe beautiful digital publication could be definitely one of those possibilities.

Here is a snapshot of Journal editor for your reference. You can sign up for early beta testing at the site.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 2.03.59 PM.png

What if you could write a beautiful digital publication into Steem ? Any body who may want to publish scientific articles here?

Witness @bukio

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