Looking forward to Brave New World

4개월 전

A short notice to show our full support for the following changes.

  1. We fully support short period of Steem Power Down.
  2. We fully support removing negative votings.

Witness Candidate @buko

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You don't have to support centralisation of Steem for this. Many of us elected Witnesses and stakeholders are in favor of a shorter powerdown period.

Also, once SMTs are here, you can decide to use a SMT without downvotes.


I respect your view.

All things considered, Justin deserves a good chance of realizing what he visions.

Not going to happen.

So Justin can pay back what the has borrowed from the exchanges?

@bukio, Thank you for sharing your view points with us. But in my opinion Justin Sun's Ideas 💡 are not aligning with the Steem's Decentralised Structure and less than 4 Weeks Power Down can become security issue too. Stay blessed.

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Do you fully support giving all power to one person? Very dangerous, I am afraid.