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So by now you should be well aware that Steemit Inc has been sold to Tron network, that transaction means Tron now controls steemit.com, Steemit Inc and it's developers, and a massive Steem stake. They do not own the Steem Blockchain, the Steem you hold or your Powered Up Steem - the Steem Blockchain is decentralised it can not be purchased.

I took the time out view the dlive AMA with Justin Sun from Tron and Ned who sold his Steem Inc investment, the impression was Ned has a lot going on in his own life and new business ventures - this is a purely business transaction and the important thing we should all take from in is the Tron network brings massive effective exposure and marketing for Steem and our Blockchain. What the plan for the future is unclear, but from the AMA it was obvious that Justin Sun is keeping the Steemit Inc developers for now, and they will look to release Communities next week with SMT's when they are ready in the future.

Following the AMA @aggroed hosted a Witness Forum on the PAL discord, this was attended by well over 250 Steemians listening in voice! That's incredible so many of us joining together to hear what is happening and where our top 20 Witnesses are planning to take us in the future. I enjoyed hearing so many of our top 20 and other Witnesses talking about what is happening, the passion we all have the Steem Blockchain and the reassurance that whatever happens - the Steem we have earned our bought into - is an investment we will not loose. Don't worry, definitely do not power down and sell your Steem - change can be good or bad - and right now everything I see is positive our staked Steem will most likely grow in value from this exchange - we have a new community to embrace in the TRON network and their own blockchain and apps.

You can look into the Tron Network and their transactions, ideally we will see a combined effort between both Blockchains to promote decentralised blockchain and increase the value of Steem. The chat in PAL has been going on for three and a half hours and is still live - really we have an amazing community have active passionate people - and they are all working together to ensure that whatever happens - it benefits us all.


Steem has been up and down in the last week tracking the leader Bitcoin, but we are still seeing a good raise in value and this will grow from the collaboration with Tron if we can embrace our new supporting partner @justinsunsteemit and show how much value our Steem Blockchain has on it's own. The Steem Blockchain has many different and unique features that set it aside from any others, from user readable account names to fast transaction times, massive transaction capacity that is utilised not only for blog posts and upvotes, but also to store gaming progress and card ownership with @steemmonsters and also games like @drugwars, @nextcolony, @steemnova and @holybread to name just a few. Plus through steem-engine there are all the tokens and tribe sites set up along with new NFT . The Steem Blockchain is unique and we have a massive active user base, together we are strong and working together we will see a great benefit from joining with Tron. And we are also fiercely protective of our blockchain, so whatever happens our trusted and reliable Steem Blockchain will continue to be backed by our 150 plus active Witnesses and continue to support your blogs, dapps and everything else you know and love. Believe in Steem, hold your Stake and don't power down or sell out - in the long terms you will see the benefits (this isn't financial advice)

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Thank you for this post. It was a calming session considering all of the questions and speculations that are going on. Your tone is exactly what the community needs right now. Someone to lay out the notes, the facts and to point us in the right “thinking” direction”.

Change is always scary especially when it’s uncertain. I have already made up my mind to sit still and just wait it out. I’ve been here for too long, have invested in people as they have invested in me, value this community way too much to just up and leave . I do hope we as a community continue to stick together and face whatever lies ahead with confidence, knowing the bonds we have made here are worth fighting for.

Thanks again @c0ff33a :)


Thanks for your reassurances! They truly help.

I did start a powerdown in the furore of what happened yesterday. Didn't seem to be anything favourable about it from all the posts I was reading from the community but when I stepped back and listened in to the AMA, did a bit of research and how deep Mr Sun's pockets go, could be a good thing, particularly for content creators.

And nothing is going to happen overnight anyway, 1-3 months I reckon before we see anything of substance come from it.

Also, why would someone spend tens of millions (?) on a company to just derail and trash it? Doesn't make sense.

So I'm positive about what's going on now and stopped my powerdown, not that I'd have got it back any time soon so probably would miss the price hike anyway from buying up at 9-12p per steem haha.

Not far from "Tri-pod" status now (30kSP) with rep 69... Suddenly I have an x-rated blog 😂

Thank you for your post and so detailed explanetion, my wittnes. let's drink coffee and see :))

The one thing I loved about it all, was the mass amount of people that showed up in PAL. There were even names I didn't recognize for a change :P

oh hey, your witness links are broken, need to change the v2.steemconnect to beta.steemconnect


It was incredible how many people popped into the PAL discord after the AMA - for twenty minutes it was solid bongs as someone new joined the voice chat. I believe it topped out at around 250 people which is amazing really for the time on a Saturday.

Darn when did I those links change? Totally missed that thanks for the update - will get it changed for future at least.


Shows the community is still here😎 I'm not exactly sure, somebody pointed out mine didn't work about a week ago for delegations and turns out all mine were miffed too. You're welcome 😊

Thank YOU and the other witnesses that are speaking their mind now and trying to help reassure the chain. This is what we need from our witnesses that we entrust the chain to.

I to listened to the AMA and I took it as a potentially good thing for Steem and Steemit in the long run, I know nothing about TRON but i guess I should look inot it

  ·  작년

In my view, no need to panic. We are always resisting change, but change is inevitable. Let's see how it all unfolds and take it day by day!

  ·  작년

I do like this move i feel good about it and the good thing i own a lot of TRON shares i do believe in them and hopefully it will be a good thing for all of us in the future 😊

will be interesting to see how this changes things and how quickly it all unfolds

Reblogged to read later 😂😂📖

BTW it's @justinsunsteemit
The account @justinsunsteem seems to be a troll account.
Just a heads up O.o


I was sure I checked that before entering it! Fixed now thanks

whatever happens our trusted and reliable Steem Blockchain will continue to be backed by our 150 plus active Witnesses and continue to support your blogs, dapps and everything else you know and love. Believe in Steem, hold your Stake and don't power down or sell out - in the long terms you will see the benefits

so, just drinking coffee, and making content :). dont panic even I feel like be panic all day long because I made money from Steem blockchain before

Probably a wise move from Justin to not change the way things are at the moment. Why try to fix something that’s not broken! Really looking forward to seeing the developments that's been going on go live soon!


SteemBlockChain UP!

Good to hear your positive vibes, buddy. Very reassuring ;)

I like your positive attitude and how calming your words are in this situation which is very much needed so thank you for that. :)


I think it’s important to understand what is happening, and try to help all Steem holders understand it. I’m not concerned in the slightest because Justin Sun bought a massive amount of Steem with Steemit Inc - and the only logical thing he will want is to see that investment increase in value. And by all counts he has the social following and means to do it.

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