Disabled Witnesses Report 2019/11/12

2년 전

Hello everyone, this post will be short. I was just looking at the witness page and noticed quite a few disabled witnesses. Please frequently go through the list and update and remove votes from witnesses  that are no longer running. Or choose a proxy.

 42  utopian-io (disabled 30 weeks ago)
59  steemed (disabled 10 weeks ago)
62  teamsteem (disabled 10 weeks ago)
73  furion (disabled 15 weeks ago)
77  partiko (disabled 10 weeks ago)
84  oracle-d (disabled 5 weeks ago)
88  joseph (disabled 47 weeks ago)
90  jerrybanfield (disabled 44 weeks ago)
91  chitty (disabled 29 weeks ago)
92  bitrocker2020 (disabled 3 weeks ago)
93  liberosist (disabled 10 weeks ago)
96  wackou (disabled 81 weeks ago)
98  steemcommunity (disabled 27 weeks ago)
100  steempty (disabled 86 weeks ago) 

Klye is currently doing a replay on his witness server. Once that's done it should be back and running.

 76  klye (disabled 7 days ago) 

Quochuy has a more in depth post on witnesses if you want to read more.

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