Vote for Partiko & Steempress As Witnesses 🤑

2년 전

Need more legit coders in the top 20.

I voted for Utopian when they were around #80 I think, now they are #15,
Also voted for Steempress when they were sub #100, now #35

This will help with code review of hardforks in the future.

More info here:

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I also want to use partiko app

Thanks you so much for your vote!

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i am not use partiko, i am use steepshot app


Also good choice, tell them to create witness I'll vote


Did you use first partiko app today?


I haven't used it yet, I try to stay productive lol.

Hmmm, I did vote for @partiko 😂

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Now vote for steempress 😂

how are you @inventor16
I heard the partiko application is extraordinary. My sidekick uses this application.

Steempress utopians. Good. I am big fan of these.

partiko ✌✌✌✌✌

good choices

I am also voted for witness

What is the partiko? @inventor16


Mobile app for steem

I will do very soon.


I love utopians.
Witness voted

Some days i am use partiko app. But I did not like this app as much

Will have to look this over. They sound very promising

Good to have a witness.
Thank you

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Great idea ! They are bringing so many people to the platform.
In addition to being well developed projects.
Take care.

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we need more awesome witness to make steem great again :)

i dont think so.

An excellent choice, it's time for me to review my delegates.

I am use partiko app 1 month ago.