KLYE Witness Update 12/16/19

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Woke up somewhat early this morning (by my standard) and decided to take the dog outside for a shit then get to work. Been having some odd stability issues over the past few days on Steem-Roller.com with a login bug that seems to appear when the site has a decent load of bets going on and people try to access their account.. Will be looking into that shit today, possibly moving the site over to a new web host. We shall see. Have some more reports of the site not rendering correctly on certain screen sizes so will be looking into that as well. It's a thankless job but the few hard-core users that use the site on the daily really seem to enjoy it and that is enough to keep going forward with development of the site. Had a few people asking if they could have a copy of the code for the site too.. Not sure what that will turn into yet.

This Month as STEEM Witness

This will more than likely be the last Witness Update of 2019. Overall this year kind of sucked ass.. Hopefully next year is better..!

It's been 31 days since the last KLYE Witness Update so figured it was time to do an approximation of what has been happening with STEEM stuff and coding. Pretty happy to announce that Steem-Roller.com v0.7.3 launched on December 1st, 2019 and while a somewhat rushed release it did manage to attract some more users with the implementation of the Free STEEM faucet as well as the real-time profits chart. Due to what most would call an oversight it turns out that the profit chart lags the absolute piss out of the clients browser so a hotfix patch dubbed Steem-Roller.com v0.7.4 was released allowing users to remove the profit chart with the click of a button in order to alleviate the browser strain caused by trying to render a chart every roll with hundreds or thousands of data points. More on this v0.7.4 patch below:

Steem-Roller.com v0.7.4 Hotfix Live to Fix Lag


For those of you who know me, you know that I'm basically a self taught noob software engineer who likes to build stuff for the STEEM ecosystem. Often times bugs work their way into my code and end up getting pushed to live versions which causes a large amount of chaos. Been quite lucky with people being awesome and not stealing all the STEEM in the Steem-Roller.com bankroll when they have the chance... Thank fuck for white hat hackers on STEEM basically.

Shortly after the December 1st, 2019 launch of the v0.7.3 version of the site a handful of users were reporting that they were experiencing horrible slow downs on the site after performing a few hundred bets. It was later realized that the real-time profit chart implementation was overwhelming most browsers which ultimately lead to the browser either becoming unresponsive or parts of the client side javascript engine crashing. One of our daily users (and #1 low odds roller) @cowbay pointed out that the site was having horrible slow downs ending up in atrocious roll speeds of like 0.1 bets per a second which is unacceptable in my opinion.

Further optimization of the real-time profit chart is going to be needed in order to make it function as intended without causing large amounts of lag to the connected clients after performing a few hundred rolls or more. Even with my somewhat powerful workstation desktop the client side lag when the real-time profit chart is enabled after 400-700 rolls the client side stuff slows to a damn crawl.. So currently advising people to use the option to remove the chart and its array in order to have a decent play experience. In order to remove the profit chart you must click the link circled in red pictured in the image below the header to this section.

In the future I'll have it set up so having the real-time profit chart is an option that either loads on login or doesn't at all, with a check-box in the options tab allowing users to specify if they want to have such a thing, and also allow optimization of the chart so only x amount of datapoints are shown in order to reduce lag client side.

STEEM Witness Crawls Back Up to Rank #71

( a screencap from https://steemdb.com/witnesses showing my #71 witness rank )

Slowly and surely my witness rank is gaining traction up from #79 to #71 over this past month or so. As it currently sits I'm still not break even on my witness server which kind of sucks but I'll keep running it as long as I can afford it in hopes that in the near future that I'll be able to have it at the very least pay for itself. Somewhere around rank #50 or so it should begin to pay for itself so that still leads a bit of a ways to go, but with a number of dead witnesses above me it's only a matter of time before they lose their support and it perhaps falls onto me. Can only hope really. Would be neat to have the network support I once had with my witness stuff!

Thanks for reading, voting and supporting!
Shall catch you all in the new years, Happy holidays and all that shit!


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Shame on me for not mentioning that problem before. I was having issues farther back although I could get in sometimes without a hassle.

I'll be stopping by again soon.
Things are looking up this week. Just roll with it.


No worries man. As much work as I've put into the site it is still very much a beta and has bugs here and there.