At 2018.10.01 @noisy.witness has merged with @engrave to create a new witness: @wise-team!

3년 전


Today we would like to inform you, that this account will be soon deactivated. But don't worry, we are not leaving Steem :)

Few months ago, I started running a witness together with @perduta... and we continue to work on various projects... During that time we gathered group of talented people which helped us with our venture... therefore we decided to rename our witness, to reflect that this is far from being single-man operation. That is how @wise-team witness was created

Our team (@noisy, @nicniezgrublem, @perduta, @jblew, @smashedturtle, @andrejcibik and @lenka) would like to invite you to read our announcment:

[ANN] Introduction of New Witness: @wise-team

..where you will be able to learn more about what we do on daily bases to help bring great future to Steem ecosystem :)

If you want to still support us or any of our many projects, please cancel your vote for @noisy.witness and vote now for @wise-team :)

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that is correct :)

just found out about @engrave ... love the look and feel, will give it a try real soon. congrats on the merger ! will cast my votes after doing some housekeeping

Changed my vote, thank you for the notification,


You can expect way, way, way more updates from us :) knowing that we are going to change a name at some point, we actually try to avoid to big visibility - we were afraid, that with more supporters, it will be more difficult to transition to a new account. But so far.. it's going great :)

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Yes, that's true :) We are joining our effort to create something bigger :)

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