Intent to become a Witness of Steemit

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Intent to become a Witness

Today I declare my intent to become a witness to the awesome community of Steemit. I hope to be trusted with this responsibility.

I'm a frequent user of Steemit, and joined just a little after its launch last year. During this time I have tried to contribute with some good content post as well as curating other good authors. One goal that I set when joining Steemit a year ago was to set up a Witness, and today I have decided to finally do this.

My Activity in the Cryptospace

I've been floating around the cryptospace for quite some time, back in 2013 with trading Bitcoins on Kraken, always reading and gaining more knowledge. Spring 2016 I found a new family when I joined the Gridcoin Network. Something that quite fast grew to one of my favorite coins for me. Today I run the blockexplorer for Gridcoin, Gridcoinstats. I've become a proud member of the team of Gridcoin and just trying to be there, help and contribute as we all do.

Just another few months after that I found Steemit. I've been trying to bring valuable content to Steemit, but curating and leaving positive comments to others are most of what I enjoy doing. I love the feeling of Steemit, that we are one big crowd of people wanting the same time but in different ways and with different stories. This making Steemit my very much number two favorite place to be part of.

So, why becoming a witness?

As a frequent visitor of Steemit I love the family warmth of it and that we try to take care of one another. So I wish to step up, be of use and contribute with my skills and make sure that this place stays on the same track towards greatness. I look forward to a great journey in many new fields that I can gain knowledge in and hopefully contribute to something valuable to the community.

Half of the Top 100 witness list is horribly outdated.

This makes me sad to see, and we need new witnesses that can step in and shoulder the responsibility to take care of that.

I hope I can gain your trust in becoming one of the nodes on the witness list that You trust.


Witness Node

CPUIntel® Xeon® 6-core
Disk100% SSD

Seed Node

I will set up a full seed node in the coming weeks

Backup Witness

Another witness will also be put up when I clime the latter.

Many thanks to all the great people like @steemed, @l0k1, @bitcoinparadise, @timcliff, @aggroed, @officialfuzzy and many more on the #witness and #witness-category sections that inspired me to take this leap with their great words and tutorials on various things.

Vote for me as a Steemit Witness


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I'll give you my vote.
*once the node is up
**voted for you. I couldn't vote before, don't know why, but it told me your user doesn't exist. Thought the node had to be up to be a witness. Well... good luck, you have my vote now.

Just voted for you, great to see that you're taking an interest in becoming a witness for steemit! :)



I'll do my very best with the vested power you've given me :)

Voted for you! Good luck :)

Steemit community is fortunate to have your candidacy. Good luck!


Thank you!

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